Kelly Osbourne Looks Unrecognizable After Losing 85lbs

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Kelly Osbourne is a British actress, model, and reality star. She’s also the daughter of metal legend, Ozzy Osbourne and business woman Sharon.

Kelly’s physique has often fluctuated but now she’s dropped some amazing news – she’s lost a massive 85lbs.

It’s fair to say that she genuinely looks totally unrecognizable.

The daughter of Ozzy and Sharon has lost a whopping 85lbs and people are saying she looks totally unrecognizable. But first – let’s talk a bit about her life.

Sharon was originally born in London, England, 1952, and it’s fair to say she has lived one hell of a life.

Being the daughter of the notorious music manager, Don Arden, Sharon grew up around rock stars and musicians which, as a result, enabled her to quickly move up the business ladder herself.

How did they meet? Well Sharon started managing an up-and-coming heavy metal band from the U.K. called Black Sabbath.

The eccentric lead singer of the iconic band caught Sharon’s eye, and the pair were quick to hit it off.

And they had 3 children together, Aimee, Kelly, and Jack.

Sharon decided to cash in on her rather bizarre family set up, and collaborated with MTV to start the reality TV show, The Osbournes, in 2002.

And The Osbournes was nothing short of iconic.

Their reality show was an instant hit, and gave the world an insight into the remarkably unconventional family life of the Osbournes. And this is where Sharon really came into her own and made a huge name for herself!

Aged just 17 when the show first aired, Kelly made everyone laugh – as the eccentric, sub-culture, potty-mouthed teenager who everyone could relate to.

After three years of The Osbourne’s, Kelly was quite the celebrity and went onto become an actress, model, singer, and fashion designer.

Such as Fashion Police, Dancing With The Stars and more.

Taking after her mom who worked on The X Factor for years!

And with parents like Ozzy and Sharon it’s hard to imagine she would’ve done any less.

And that’s absolutely fine! Being happy in yourself is the main thing.

Kelly uploaded a photo to Instagram with the caption:
Today I’m feeling Gucci.

And sporting a casual red jacket while gazing into the lens of the camera.

She complimented her, saying:
Oh my gosh, you lost a lot of weight.

Many fans are commenting, talking about how Kelly looks completely unrecognizable from her former self!

Not only does she look unrecognizable – she looks absolutely incredible. And judging from her Instagram it appears she’s happier than ever too.