Kelly Ripa Backs Cher’s Opinion, Says She Will Never ‘Cave in’ and Let Her Hair Go Gray

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Kelly Ripa is taking some advice from Cher, admitting she won’t be letting her hair go gray anytime soon.

Back in 2020, Cher revealed that she wasn’t exactly a fan of the ageing process, saying: “What, I’m going to say I like it? No, I don’t. Any woman who is honest will say it’s not as much fun.”

She had some things to say about her hair too, now she’s gotten older. “[Going gray] is fine for other girls,” she said, as per People. “I’m just not doing it!”

And now it seems Kelly Ripa is following in her footsteps, as she too vows to never let her hair go gray after seemingly embracing her gray roots on Instagram back in 2020, when the salons shut.

“#rootwatch week 8,” she wrote in one of her stories.

Ripa has also shared how the texture of her hair has changed now it’s turning gray and how she’s had to learn to manage it.

“Gray hair has a different texture. Anyone with gray hair can tell you, it’s very wired. It tends to stand up,” she said.

“These little clips, and you can see I’ve sprayed them brown too, these little clips really, like, hold the gray.”

However, Ripa’s laid-back approach to her gray hair came to an end after Cher’s comments, realizing that she also doesn’t want to let the gray show…

Appearing on Friday’s episode, of Live with Kelly and Ryan, she admitted that she plans on never letting her gray hair show again.

“During the early days of the pandemic, I had embraced my gray hair privately,” she said.

“While publicly I was using brown eyeshadow to paint my roots some shade that wasn’t Santa Clause white,” Ripa told Ryan Seacrest.

“But in real life, I go, ‘Oh, I look great with gray hair, you can barely tell,’” she joked.

So it seems Ripa isn’t planning on ageing gracefully anytime soon…

“Cher was saying that gray hair is not for her. She is not caving in, she doesn’t care about the trend — you know, people are embracing their gray hair all over the place. Everybody’s embracing their gray hair,” Ripa explained.

“I need to dye my hair,” she added. “I think certain people look great with their gray hair,” Ripa said. “I think it depends on the person. I really do.”

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