Kendall Jenner Slammed Over 'Cruel' Dog Collar | 22 Words

Kendall Jenner is no stranger to controversy. In fact, some argue that that's pretty much what she relies on for her career.

From poorly planned Pepsi ads to more than her fair share of cultural appropriation claims, to that infamous video with Bella Hadid, Kendall is basically never out of the headlines.

But the supermodel has now been slammed for something a little more personal... her dog's collar.

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You might know Kendall Jenner from the hit reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

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She, along with her family, give us hour-long and drama-filled episodes that boast how wealthy they are, while simultaneously providing us with dramatic, yet entertaining content.

She had an early introduction to fame and fortune...

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She was barely a teen when she started featuring on the smash-hit reality show.

And a few years on, Kendall now has one of the most recognizable faces in the modeling world.

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The supermodel has crafted quite an impressive resume over the years since her first appearance on KUWTK – it feels as though there isn’t a major cover that she hasn’t featured on or a high fashion show that she hasn’t walked in.

From Burberry to Calvin Klein...

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The social media star has received many accolades for her beauty.

However, things haven't always gone smoothly in her career.

Considering she stays relatively low-key when it comes to Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it looks like her lucrative modeling adventures have been far from plain sailing.

Remember that Pepsi advert that almost wrecked her career?

In 2017, the world watched, appalled, as Kendall Jenner brought a social justice protest to an end with one simple act – handing the police officer a can of Pepsi. As problematic goes, this was definitely up there

The ill-judged ad faced worldwide criticism, and rightly so!

The controversial commercial, which was promptly pulled following the backlash, insinuated that all the problems could be brought to a harmonious end with a can of the sugary soda – or, at least, that’s the logic that we were presented with. But in a world wherein these are real issues affecting real people, the ad just appeared to distastefully trivialize the demonstrations fighting for good causes such as Black Lives Matter.

And, for her participation, Jenner paid the price.

Both Kendall and Pepsi apologized for the ad, but it looked like, as far as countless people online were concerned, the damage had already been done. Soon after, Kendall addressed the issue further on KUWTK, where viewers watched her get emotional over the backlash, telling older sister Kim, “It feels like my life is over."

Sadly, that was far from the only controversy she was involved in...

The supermodel has previously hit the headlines multiple times because of her hair. Now, you may be thinking “hair is just hair, how can it possibly be problematic?"

Well, it can be...

Especially when you consider cultural appropriation – AKA the adoption of elements of one culture by members of another culture, which can often spark controversy when a socially dominant culture takes from a disadvantaged minority culture.

The model walked the Marc Jacobs runway wearing dreadlocks.

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The questionable fashion show saw a whole host of mostly white models, including Jenner's bestie, Gigi Hadid, and, of course, Kendall Jenner herself, donning pastel-colored, wool dreadlocks.

So it's safe to say that a modeling career can come with its fair share of problems...

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But it's not just on the catwalk where Kendall has caused a stir.

There’s one area in which she’s particularly prone to causing a stir – her fashion choices.

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From barely-there bikinis to controversial slogans, Kendall never fails to make the headlines.

But with a strong following of 121 million on Instagram...

Kendall can pretty much post what she wants!

And now, Kendall has been slammed for something completely different.

For those who aren't on any form of social media, Kendall is the proud owner of a beautiful Doberman named Pyro.

Kendall regularly posts cute pictures of Pyro on Instagram...

And it's safe to say that he's a pretty beautiful dog.

Kendall was spotted walking Pyro recently...

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Of course, she was snapped by the paparazzi and all seems perfectly harmless... right?


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Twitter users have furiously noticed the type of collar that Pyro is wearing, and they aren't happy.

Twitter users believe that Pyro is wearing a "prong collar"...

A prong collar has metal fang-shaped prongs on it that sit on the dog's neck, and when the dog pulls on the leash, the prongs create a pinching effect that cause pain and discomfort - encouraging (or scaring, pretty much) the dog to not pull.

Kendall has also been accused of cropping Pyro's ears...

But, of course, there is no evidence to back up these accusations.

And despite the hate...

Kendall has been fiercely defended, with people claiming that prong collars aren't cruel at all when used properly, and they are very effective when used with big dogs.

Many have also defended Kendall for clipping Pyro's ears...

It is a common occurrence for Doberman owners to clip their dog's ears for hygiene and health purposes... apparently.

Kendall is yet to comment on the uproar...

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But in the meantime, keep scrolling to see how Kendall truly trolled her little sister Kylie...