Kevin Costner Returns to ‘Field of Dreams’ Set for Iowa’s First-Ever MLB Game

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This week, Field of Dreams star Kevin Costner hit headlines after returning to Iowa for the state’s first Major League game of the season. And on Thursday night, the actor stepped onto the replica of the diamond his character Ray Kinsella built in the film.

Costner and his Field of Dreams co-star Timothy Busfield were interviewed on the sidelines of the field in Dyersville, Iowa. This was ahead of Thursday’s scheduled game between the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox. The game had originally been scheduled for a year ago but had to be postponed due to the COVID pandemic.

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“This is perfect,'” Costner said in a promotional video from MLB, as per the Daily Mail. “Every bit of it. This is perfect.”

There are some major differences between the original field and the replica, however. The original field couldn’t be used for the game because its dimensions don’t meet MLB regulations. The plain bleachers from the movie have also been replaced with some more conventional stadium seating, and the new outfield is separated slightly from the cornfields from which the ghosts of the movie appeared. However, the wall has remained slightly see-through to allow the feel of the movie to continue.

The replica field has a capacity of around 8,000. After this game, the stadium will be dismantled and placed in storage, but the field will remain in place for future games, according to Major League Baseball.

Costner also opened up to MLB Network’s Bob Costas about how Field of Dreams has become such a cultural touchstone. “When it comes down to the ones that stick with you if that list is five deep or 10 deep, and Field of Dreams isn’t on it, then there’s something wrong with the list,’ Costner told Costas.

“There’s a magic to this field that wasn’t there when we were shooting,” Busfield then. said, referring to the original field near Dyersville, where the movie was filmed. “This was just a film location when we were shooting – and it was a tough location for the heat and the flies. What has happened, it’s become this place that even I’m affected by in a different way than when I was filming You can feel it out there.”

Fans of both the movie and Major League Baseball have been hugely excited about the event. “I think you are right Kevin Costner… every MLB team will want to play a game here! So cool watching the home runs go into the cornfield. And one Yankee just commented that they don’t have their usual technology so this is a PURE GAME! What a cool statement there for IOWA!!” one Facebook fan gushed.

Another added: “So cool! We visited thirteen years ago and loved it! So awesome that MLB is finally getting around to doing something here!”