A lot of us can agree that our fridges are our best friends.

However, there's nothing quite as annoying as when members of our household - whether that's our other halves or our siblings - enjoy tucking into our food. But now, this pesky problem is no more!

You can now buy a special Refrigerator Door Lock for just $12.99 that will keep those unwanted hands out of your fridge, and thanks to the set of keys it comes with, you can lock and unlock whenever you please.

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Overprotective of your fridge?

We completely understand your pain. There's nothing quite as irritating as someone just helping themselves to your food, is there now?

This door lock kit is perfect for protecting the contents of your fridge.

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With a one-hand operation feature, this lock only needs the simple turn of a key and the removal of the hasps to open up your fridge. No drilling or screws are required to install either, allowing for a quick and easy installment.

The lock isn't just exclusive to fridges, either.

via: Amazon

It can be used on freezers, printer trays, cabinets, single-file drawers, and as a health care security lock for personal documents.

It’s also great for protecting sensitive items such as prescription medications away from prying hands.

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