KFC Launch New Mac And Cheese Bowl Topped With Extra Cheese and Fried Chicken | 22 Words

There's something about a new fast-food launch that really sets the internet's collective heart racing. The idea of a new item that's super delicious and only around for a limited amount of time really gets the world excited. Finally - something we can all agree on.

But the latest launch from KFC has got people drooling. Unlike the usual chicken-based fare, this menu item combines the original recipe good stuff with another delicious classic: mac and cheese. Their three-cheese blend topped with popcorn chicken is big news for fast food fans.

KFC is predominantly known for one specific menu item.

The clue's in the name, after all - Kentucky Fried Chicken.  And it's safe to say that they absolutely dominate in this specific area.

But, like any good business model, they've got to keep expanding their horizons.

And their latest launch is something a little outside of the box - but, equally, something very, very exciting.

Yep, that's right: KFC Mac and Cheese.

via: KFC

And this isn't your average mac and cheese, either. It's got that signature KFC twist, with the addition of fan-favorite popcorn chicken sprinkled on the top. The sauce also features a three-cheese blend.

People are pretty excited.

Although one Twitter user pointed out that this menu item sounds like the stuff that stoner dreams are made of.

And it seems the mac and cheese trend is set to continue.

Cheese-heads may only be able to get this item in a limited capacity, but Chick-fil-A added mac & cheese to their permanent menu earlier this year. And that's not the only intriguing fast-food news. Read on for a potential McDonalds launch that's got the internet very excited.