TikTok Star Khaby Lame Becomes Most Followed Italian on Instagram

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Khaby Lame has done it! The TikTok star has become the most followed Italian on Instagram.

Khabane Lame, AKA Khaby, has surpassed Italian entrepreneur and fashion blogger, Chiara Ferragni, to become the most followed Italian on the photo-sharing platform.

Over the past few days, Khaby has been inching towards snatching the title and he finally managed to do it as he hit the 24 million mark recently.
Ferragni is not far behind – her current follower standing is at a respectable 23.9 million.

Khaby is also the third most followed person on TikTok, with an incredible seventy-five million followers.

He originally gained fame on the app after he lost his job due to the pandemic. In his newfound free time, he started posting videos in which he called out ridiculous life hacks posted by other users without saying a word.
And the simplicity of it all is what makes it so funny, not to mention his hilarious facial expressions. Combined together and you’ve got hundreds of hilarious videos and now, a new, prestigious title – the most followed Italian on Instagram.

On average, his videos get millions of views with a recent one racking up to sixty-six million.

In the twenty-second clip, he showed a short video of Portuguese footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo apparently “copying” one of his own moves which Kaby replicates afterwards.

In another iconic clip, which has been viewed over 190 million times (yeah, you read that right, 190 million) the social media sensation shows people how to correctly open a door.

Yeah, it’s best to remove your foot from blocking it before you try pulling.

​His videos also get thousands of comments, with many suggesting that Khaby the “wisest” man to ever live.

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And his success is only set to get greater.

Congratulations Khaby!