Khloé Kardashian Faces Backlash for Single-Use Plastics Rant

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The Kardashians have taken over the world of fashion and makeup – even creeping back into the political realm, thanks to businesswoman Kim Kardashian following in the footsteps of her father. However, many people are calling out Khloé Kardashian’s hypocritical Instagram rant on the environment and single-use plastic…

​Khloe Kardashian’s attempt at environmentalism is being blasted online.

More specifically, she is talking to her fans about single-use plastics. Yesterday morning, she was doing her early morning grind at the gym – which we all know and love her for – when she took to her 152 million followers on Instagram to discuss the need to use reusable water bottles.
The thirty-six-year-old reality star attempted to educate her fans but the video, which was posted to her Instagram story, has been met with severe backlash. She is also known for her opulent, Gatsby-style parties, usually featuring enough balloons to lift a house and an aesthetic pantry stocked to burst with plastic-wrapped covers. Many say it’s these parties that make the star hypocritical for urging her fans to change.

​”So many people tag me in these huge gallon-sized jugs of water and I feel awesome because I know people are staying hydrated,” she began.

“There’s something that irks me is that I see people taking water bottles and they’re just pouring it into the gallon size reusable plastic bottle so they can consume their water for the day. That defeats the purpose because those water bottles are just going to go into a landfill somewhere and potentially cause you know pollution.
“We’re trying to limit our single usage of plastics, so I think people should just be aware of that. The point of this is yes to stay hydrated, but also to hopefully reduce you know all the pollution.”

“That is a lot smarter than buying cases of waters,” she added.

The Kardashian goes on to mention how many retailers offer affordable filtration options for people. “That is a lot smarter than buying cases of waters,” she said. “If you’re going to be using reusable jugs like I am, and if not every day … I get it. Sometimes we need to grab a water bottle.
“I’m not saying that or judging that, I’m just saying that I don’t know why we’re pouring water bottles and using … just to throw that plastic away for these jugs. So, I’m turning into Kourtney, but let’s try to save the environment for the kids.”

Well, Twitter was illuminated by the onslaught of people commenting on the hypocrisy of the celeb’s comments, highlighting her many posts showing off lavish balloon-filled events.

Many people weren’t happy with the Kardashian’s attitude, pointing out that she herself lives a lifestyle that could be considered extremely unhelpful to the environment. With her continuing use of private jets and large parties which will feature a lot of single-use plastic, she doesn’t seem to be living by what she says.

One even pointed out her long nail extensions are also plastic.

In response to the detractors, Khloé took to her Twitter for a quick rant, saying that she has “much more I have to learn” and she is “constantly learning and trying to be better for the environment for the sake of my daughter.” She also mentions that it’s “not about being perfect” and opens up her Twitter thread for people to comment their own tips for helping the environment.

“I’m always down to learn and I’ll see how it incorporates into my life.” She wrote.

She finished the rant off in a dismissive manner.

You can see the rant here:

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