Khloé Kardashian Facing Backlash for Color of Emojis Used | 22 Words

It didn't take long for Khloe Kardashian to stir up some controversy and this time, she might have just taken it a step too far...

And it's all because of emojis...


While some people are claiming the social media star knew what she was doing...

Others are confused as to why she's facing backlash for something that seems so insignificant.


But once you see the explanations, you might change your mind.

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Love them or hate them, the Kardashians seem to rule the world.

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The infamous sisters have built viable careers out of... well, not much really. Which, in a way, is a talent in itself.

But of the sisters, there was always something of an odd one out.


The youngest Kardashian (and the middle sister of the whole Kardashian-Jenner clan) is Khloe, and since the sisters landed on our screens many have pointed out that she doesn't look quite like her siblings.

Some have even speculated about Khloe's parentage (but that's another story).

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Either way, over the years, Khloe has moved away from her more unique look, and has started looking more and more... well, Kardashian-esque.

Because honestly?

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Coming from a family with a bunch of sisters who look like this seems like the perfect recipe to breed insecurity. Put media speculation and social media pressures on top of that, and we can't imagine that things have been too easy for Khloe.

But, over the years, people have noticed something.


It almost seems as though Khloe isn't just trying to perfect her own look - it's like she's trying to emulate the appearances of her sisters, instead.

The dramatic changes in her appearance have been the sole reason why she's been the center of controversy for a while...

Her weight-loss has been well documented on social media and on KUWTK, but her online promotion of potentially harmful weight loss products didn't go unnoticed by her critics.

She's also had other accusations tossed her way.

A couple of months ago, Khloe was accused of having had a rhinoplasty. She denied going under the knife, reporting that her totally new nose shape was a result of cleverly applied make-up.

But it wasn't just the rhinoplasty...

Khloe appears to have gone for a lighter foundation shade, plus gone for blonde (rather than her natural brunette) locks. On top of this, she has suspiciously smoothed skin and developed that signature Kardashian butt.

And the size of her lips have also caused a bit of a stir online...

A few of the Kardashian sisters are famous for their pouts - but none more so than Kylie, who has even included lips as a part of her cosmetics line's branding, but it seems as though Khloe is giving her a run for her money.

Many fans claim they don't have a problem with the work...

More so the lies some claim the social media star tells surrounding her cosmetic enhancements, trying to pass them off as just simple lifestyle changes.

Khloe's Insta has been getting a lot of attention recently.

Just like her sisters, she's well-known for favoring a selfie. But some of the images she's posting have garnered some less-than-favorable comments.

There have been lots of pictures that have made fans raise an eyebrow...

While the rest of her face may be up for debate, it seems almost impossible for Khloe to deny that her lips have been graced by a doctor's needle.

And there was this one too...

Who is this?!

It seems that Khloe has had a little bit of work on every part of her body...

It is almost impossible to look like this naturally.

Khloe has tried to explain herself in the past...

She insists her impossible hourglass figure comes from just working out... but I think we all know that this isn't the case, and in the last year, her Kardashian figure has seemed to sculpt into something even more extreme.

Fans just aren't convinced...

And many don't even recognize Khloe anymore!

She's also been accused of cultural appropriation multiple times...

In May 2019, she posed on vacation wearing cornrows - something that many online thought was totally inappropriate and offensive.

And not only that but the Kardashians have been on the receiving end of backlash for "blackfishing" for a while.​

The term "blackfishing" can be summed up as follows: "Blackfishing" is a recently coined term used to describe someone accused of pretending to be Black on social media by using makeup, hair products, and in some cases, surgery to drastically change their appearance.

And it seems some people are claiming Khloe Kardashian is doing this but with emojis.

Recently, the reality TV star posted what has been slammed as a "controversial" tweet because she used an emoji with a particular skin color.

The replies were nothing short of outraged...

Here's the initial tweet that sparked all the backlash:

What do you guys think?

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