You can always count on a Kardashian to bring the controversy - but the latest moves of younger sis, Khloe, has got social media users scratching their heads. She's undergone a pretty intense transformation over the past months, and her latest change has been so obvious that fans just can't ignore it.

In some recent Insta-pots, Khloe's lips look visibly plumped and fuller, and people are pretty convinced that it's the result of some cosmetic intervention. She's been posting some absolutely unrecognizable snaps, and fans are not best pleased.

Love them or hate them, you'll know about the Kardashians.

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The infamous sisters have built viable careers out of... well, not much really. Which, in a way, is a talent in itself.

But of the sisters, there was always something of an odd one out.

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The youngest Kardashian (and the middle sister of the whole Kardashian-Jenner clan) is Khloe. And since the sisters landed on our screens, many have pointed out that she doesn't look quite like her siblings.

Some have even speculated about Khloe's parentage (but that's another story).

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Either way, over the years, Khloe has moved away from her more unique look, and has started looking more and more... well, Kardashian-esque.

Because, honestly?

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Coming from a family with a bunch of sisters who look like this seems like the perfect recipe to breed insecurity. Put media speculation and social media pressures on top of that, and we can't imagine that things have been too easy for Khloe.

But, over the years, people have noticed something.

It almost seems as though Khloe isn't just trying to perfect her own look - it's like she's trying to emulate the appearances of her sisters, instead.

It's not a phenomenon unique to Khloe.

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This side-by-side of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner went viral last year when people noticed that Kylie looked more like Kim that she did old photographs of herself.

And that's not the only controversy Khloe has faced.

Her weight-loss has been well documented on social media and on KUWTK, but her online promotion of potentially harmful weight loss products didn't go unnoticed by her critics.

She's also been accused of cultural appropriation.

In May, she posed on vacation wearing cornrows - something that many online thought was totally inappropriate and potentially offensive.

She's also had other accusations tossed her way.

A couple of months ago, Khloe was accused of having had a rhinoplasty. She denied going under the knife, reporting that her totally new nose shape was a result of cleverly applied make-up.

That's not the only way she's changed, either.

Khloe appears to have gone for a lighter foundation shade, plus gone for blonde (rather than her natural brunette) locks. On top of this, she has suspiciously smoothed skin and that signature Kardashian butt.

And there's another part of Khloe's body that has come under scrutiny.

A few of the Kardashian sisters are famous for their pouts - but none more so than Kylie, who has even included lips as a part of her cosmetics line's branding. But now it seems that Khloe may be coming for her "most-plumped" crown.

Because, recently, Khloe's Insta got a lot of attention.

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Just like her sisters, she's well-known for favoring a selfie. But some of the images she's posting have garnered some less-than-favorable comments.

It's true ...

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Khloe is looking a little bit unrecognizable these days. When comparing her natural appearance to now, a little bit of work seems hard to deny.

Some had strong objections.

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It does seem odd that Khloe seems to promote feeling beautiful in one's own skin when she's clearly uncomfortable in hers.

Here's the first selfie which got eyebrows raised.

While the rest of her face may be up for debate, it seems almost impossible for Khloe to deny that her lips have been graced by a doctor's needle.

But it was this second image set that seemed to confirm things.

These snaps reportedly caused a flurry of reactive comments on Khloe's new pout. "I'm sorry but your lips are overdone, it looks nasty," wrote one harsh critic.

Some made this point.

The fact Khloe now seems unable to touch her lips together suggests more than a little cosmetic enhancement. When shown next to her "old" lips, the difference is dramatic.

There was a range of jokes online.

One joker commented that Khloe's pout looks swollen as if she's been fighting. It's true, her lips do look a little painful.

It seems as though the trolling may have gotten too much for Khloe.

As she took the drastic step of turning comments off on the post in question. She also followed up with another picture of herself with far less dramatically plump lips.

Although others made this observation.

Perhaps Khloe's seeming obsession with cosmetic enhancements isn't something to laugh at - and is actually symptomatic of something pretty sad.

And in recent weeks, it seems Khloe is doubling down on her new look.

Never afraid of a selfie, Khloe is still posting images that appear designed specifically to show off her... enhancements.

And many aren't too keen.

One fan wrote, "Please stop doing things on your face. Please." It does seem as though Khloe is becoming more and more intense in her cosmetic work.

"It's getting 'not' natural."

"You're changing your face too much @khloekardashian." It seems as though Khloe can't post a picture without being flooded with comments about her ever-changing appearance.

But this snap was her most controversial yet.

Khloe posed with a blonde ponytail, full pout, and smokey eye makeup. She captioned the snap, "Happy Monday." But fans were far more focused on one thing - how totally unrecognizable the star looked.

And again, Khloe has had a classic response.

She disabled comments on the post, and followed with an image of a single heart, too. On top of that, Khloe edited the caption of her controversial snap, adding "old photo, but I like it." Are you sure, Khloe?

It seems fans are at the end of their tether.

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Because they believe the way Khloe presents herself on Instagram is dishonest - and frankly, irresponsible.

It's no secret that Khloe looks quite different in real life.

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Her over-reliance on apps like Facetune has been called out, though, by one Instagram account in particular.

Celeb Face dedicates itself to exposing celebrities for editing pics.

Their account is full of side by sides of candid shots vs. the images celebrities choose to post.

And the Khloe post is pretty shocking.

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And followers have responded in kind.

"The first one isn't her no way I refuse to believe. That's a whole new face," writes one. "God she just abused Photoshop," said another.

The post did not hold back.

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The account compiled a whole host of different Khloe pictures to show the extent of her editing.

They compiled a collage of the snaps.

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"Kinda sad that one can be rich and famous and still not be pleased by how they look," commented a follower.

The post draws attention to certain problems.

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Like this misshapen earring, which seems to prove Khloe had edited the image.

And Khloe hasn't just been changing her face.

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This picture seems to suggest Khloe is also editing her body - here she posts an image with a visibly smaller butt.

Oh, the irony.

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This motivational message Khloe posted on her Insta explains Celeb Face's rather catty caption.

And others pointed out one thing.

It's not like any of us don't know what Khloe really looks like. "Man she acts like we can't all see her on TV," one fan states. But Khloe isn't the only Kardashian accused of editing her snaps... Scroll on for all their worst photoshop fails.