Calling all Kardashian fans!

As we step into 2021, a year that'll see the very last episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (*quietly sobs*), we've been looking back at our favorite ladies. We've pulled up some side-by-side pictures of each of the Kardashians from the start and end of this year, and their transformations are shocking, to say the least.

And it seems as though we're not the only ones who have noticed the drastic differences in their appearances. Kardashian fans have come out in full force to point out just how much Khloe remembers her sister Kendall in her latest photo and Khloe has delivered the first Kardashian clap back of the year in response to the comments...

Now, we all know who the Kardashians are...

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Because they're one of the most famous families in the world.

Ever since the hit reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, first hit our screens in 2006...

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The world has been utterly Kardashian obsessed.

Even though the Kardashian family is actually quite big...

The main focus has always been on "momager" Kris Jenner and her daughters, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie.

Of course, brother Rob Kardashian has made the occasional appearance over the years...

As well as the many partners, pals, and love interests of the family, including Scott Disick (who remains outrageously popular on the show), Tristan Thompson, Kanye West, Blac Chyna, and Jordyn Woods.

Over the years, there has been so much drama in the big family...

Especially between the hot-headed sisters, who are famous for constantly arguing and creating some golden TV moments.

Whether that's Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe constantly arguing over who's the most successful...

Or the famous gender transition of Kris' ex and Kendall and Kylie's dad, Caitlyn Jenner... there's always something going on with the Kardashians!

And not forgetting Scott Disick's countless drunk and disorderly moments...

Which probably explains why he and Kourtney called it quits for a good a few years back!

But, we must say...

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It's very admirable how far they've come in the last fourteen years and the numerous business ventures they've each taken on.

For instance...

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Even though Kim literally started the whole family fame with a controversial intimate video in 2002, the businesswoman and fashion mogul is now studying law in the hopes of becoming a lawyer, just like her late father Robert Kardashian.

Twenty-five-year-old Kendall is now a high-fashion supermodel...

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And regularly works with huge names such as Calvin Klein, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and many more.

And of course...

Who could forget Kylie Jenner? She is now perhaps the most famous of the family.

Not only does Kylie own her own hugely successful multimillion-dollar business, Kylie Cosmetics...

But she is now one of the most influential women in the world.

But with all of this insane success...

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Comes a lot of criticism and controversies that have been surrounding the family for years now.

The sisters in particular are constantly facing negativity from fans...

Whether that's because of them using cultural appropriation as fashion trends, promoting unhealthy body expectations with their heavily filtered and enhanced looks, having lots of cosmetic surgery while claiming they're all-natural, or setting bad examples for young women... they've been accused of it all.

It's clear that the family has changed a lot over the years...

Whether that's through the use of plastic surgery or just through those pesky Instagram filters... the Kardashian sisters change up their looks all the time!

And it's shocking to see how much the family has changed in just the space of a year!

So read on to check out some side-by-side snaps of each of the Kardashians from the start and end of this year...

First up, we have the woman who is the driving force behind it all...

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Kris Jenner, of course! The momager is best known for her iconic short hair cut and constant sass, and it seems that throughout this year, she's not been afraid to venture into some new looks.

Here's Kris' yearly transformation:

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At the start of the year, before the pandemic kicked off, Kris was rocking her iconic heavy glam with a white silk robe. But fast-forwarding to now, Kris is keeping things a little bit more low-key with a khaki puffer jacket and a full face of makeup... and we're loving it.

Next up, we have Kim Kardashian.

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Kim has always been known for her super-glam looks, but since being married to Kanye West, she's taken on a more paired-back vibe over the years and it's truly iconic.

Here's her yearly transformation:

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Just as beautiful, of course, but Kim has been showcasing some more minimal "stay at home" outfits during the winter lockdown in comparison to her usual glamorous ensembles.

And now, it's time for the eldest of the bunch - Kourtney Kardashian.

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Kourtney, who is often praised for being the most natural and relatable of the family, is best known for her stubborn nature and her dedication as a mom, but this hasn't stopped the forty-one-year-old from looking incredible.

Over the last year, similarly to her sister Kim, Kourt seems to have swapped the full glam for something more casual...

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Along with some COVID-friendly safety precautions, of course! She's still killing it, by the way.

Next up, we have Robert Kardashian.

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Now, Rob hasn't had the easiest of rides over the last few years. His turbulent relationship with Blac Chyna was smeared all over the press and his weight gain was scrutinized by KUWTK fans, so poor Rob has remained relatively under the radar as of late.

He rarely posts any snaps of himself on social media, but here he is at the start of the year rocking some pretty cool fancy dress with mom, Kris.

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And his most recent pic? Him donning a bright blue face mask, of course!

What would a Kardashian article be without the mention of Scott Disick?

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Even though he is Kourtney's ex, Scott still plays a major part in the Kardashian family and he's now more popular than ever on the show.

Scott hasn't gone through much of a change in the last year...

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Well, unless you're considering his relationship status!

Now, we're on to Caitlyn Jenner.

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Since her iconic transition in 2015, Caitlyn has well and truly been living her best life as an ambassador for the transgender community and LGBTQ+ rights. Plus, how on earth is she seventy-one?!

And exactly a year on...

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Caitlyn is looking as glamorous as ever... even when she's signing autographs!

And as for supermodel Kendall Jenner?

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Well, Kendall is always looking flawless - with her being a supermodel and all - but in more recent times, fans have noticed a slightly more plump smile.

Well, in comparison to last year...

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Kendall is definitely rocking a much more fuller pout, but she's as stunning as ever.

Next, we have the infamous Kylie Jenner.

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Kylie is renowned for her constantly changing appearance and she now looks completely unrecognizable from how she looked a few years ago.

At the start of this year, Kylie was rocking honey-brown locks...

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But now, she's ditched the natural look and has gone all out with a head of burgundy-red hair... and we're loving it. Plus, how cute is Stormi looking?!

Up next is Khloe Kardashian.

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So, Khloe has faced a lot of criticism over the years for her drastically changing appearance and there's absolutely no denying that something has been tweaked in her flawless figure. But at the end of the day, who cares about what a person decides to do to their body and appearance, right?!

Well, here's Khloe's transformation.

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Clearly, Khloe is a big fan of the heavy Instagram filters (which is fine, by the way!) which could explain the sudden pointiness of her jaw and nose. But we wouldn't be surprised to learn of the odd cosmetic enhancement here and there! She still looks amazing, FYI. But fans have had their eyes on a different photo lately...

Here's the picture that's got everyone talking...

Uncanny, isn't it!

But even better than that, is Khloe's response to the floods of fans pointing out the similarities...

"In my dreams lol," our fave Kardashian sister wrote. Khloe, you're killing it, Kendall-look-a-like or not! In other news, did you hear that the Kardashians have announced that they're working on a new TV show? We're not sure that it'll live up to the iconic KUWTK but we'll take it! Keep scrolling for the deets on that!