Kid’s Disappointed Reaction To His Surprise Bedroom Makeover Goes Viral

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A child’s reaction has gone viral after how disappointed he looked when he was presented with a makeover of his room. But the reason for his reaction is simply heartbreaking…

Not everyone reacts very well to surprises.

Sometimes it just doesn’t sit well with the receiver.

He decided to give his son’s room a little makeover while he was gone and then record his reaction.

Instead of being overjoyed with the bright style of his new room, he just looked completely deflated.

Before leaning against the bed, while staring at the wall. But there was a special reason as to why he was feeling so sad upon seeing his new room.

People just couldn’t stop watching the video and leaving their reactions…

When he walked in, he uttered the words: “You painted it without me…” And his lips quivered as he continued looking around the room. Some of the comments suggested that it was a “bad parenting moment” on their behalf, but Eric did not think so.

But it seems as though he just wanted to spend time with his family in order to paint it. So afterward, they all decided to paint the door with him, which made him happy.

If you want to see a whole-house transformation, then keep scrolling…