Kids Who Clearly Tried Their Best but Ended up Drawing Hilariously Inappropriate Things | 22 Words

Ah, the innocence of childhood. Kids have a mammoth imagination, and while their artwork is usually not good enough to be worthy of framing, it's at least entertaining. Whether it be a drawing of a family member that's just a bit too honest, a surprisingly dark depiction of violence, or something completely innocent that ended up looking anything but, there's a reason why parents tend to save the drawings their kids create for years.

If the stresses and everyday monotony of adulthood have been getting you down lately, the following 30 pics of kid's drawings gone horribly, horribly wrong are sure to be the perfect cure. They also might prompt you to give your Mom a call and ask for photographic evidence of your own disturbing childhood creations. But, if she happens to send you some treasures, do the right thing and be sure to share them on social media for the rest of the world to enjoy.

This not-quite-right Buzz Lightyear

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Maybe it's me, but this Buzz Lightyear just seems a I think I'd rather him not ruin my delicious pie, thank you very much.

This exciting profession

Sure, this Mom tries to insist that she actually works at Home Depot selling shovels and is, in fact, not an exotic dancer, but she's not fooling anyone. That drawing is just a little bit too accurate.

This impressive chef

This one has a double whammy. Not only does this drawing of Dad feature a very suggestive hat, but it also claims that he's the "best cock ever."

This loving portrait

The Facebook caption for this photo says: "My son drew his sister. Those are fairy wings of course and not a giant pair of floppy boobs!" Riiiiiiiight.

These raindrops

This looks like the worst type of rainstorm to get caught in. In fact, I'm guessing that umbrella would do nothing to protect you from those raindrops.

This sketchy bus

Attention parents: Do NOT allow your children to get on a a bus that says "sex lift." Nothing good can come from it.

This kind gesture

This kid's heart was definitely in the right place, but his execution was all wrong. You can tell from this poor child's face that this guy is not helping the situation.

These "scissors"

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"Well, what a lovely drawing" is right. Antonia, your teachers are probably forever grateful to you for making their job 100X more interesting.

This dark drawing

If you've ever seen a horror movie featuring a weirdly dark little kid, you should know that it always ends horribly. This babysitter needs to get out of the house NOW.

This whistle-blower

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What a beautiful Father's Day present! I'm sure this was a memorable day filled with love, laughter, and a thorough lesson in appropriate whistle-drawing techniques.

These turntables

The caption to this photo reads: "And one night while we were listening to old school rap he drew two turn tables. I was just glad he didn't draw a microphone too." We all are.

This teacher's pet

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The fact that this kid's Dad describes this drawing of her teacher as "pretty accurate" is both hilarious and slightly concerning. ....she was wearing a shirt, right?

This "Coke" can

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I don't think this flavor of soda would taste very good. But hey, that's just me.

"My son drew this last year in kindy!" says the caption. "It's supposed to be a fish with its tail out the bottom there." I....don't see it.

This festive Santa

The most accurate name for this drawing should be "The year Santa ruined Christmas and we never spoke of it again." Seriously, what is that even supposed to be?!

This sharply dressed demon

What a lovely afternoon that wasn't even spoiled by that nasty old demon. Although, he does totally rock that top hat.

This sweet card

"When your son draws a picture of himself flipping the bird on your Mother's Day card," says the caption. Hey, it's the thought that counts, right?

This spaceman

The placement of that futuristic laser gun is unfortunate. Especially considering the laser happens to be yellow in color...

This Christmas cap

"My 4-year-old son's drawing of Santa. Yep, that's his hat. It was on the wall at preschool! I noticed the drawing and then realized my kid drew it," says the Facebook caption. What a proud moment.

This peaceful day in the woods

What a beautiful representation of sisterly love. Hey, what older sibling didn't want to sacrifice their younger brother or sister to the alien gods at one point during their childhood?

This monkey business

You people need to get your minds out of the gutter! This is obviously just a darling drawing of a monkey and a lion playing leapfrog.

This helpful firefighter

If I were this firefighter, I would frame this drawing and hang it in the fire station for all my fellow firefighters to draw inspiration from. And, quite honestly, to get a good laugh from.

This summertime activity

I think he means beach, but I really can't say for sure. Maybe that's just his adorable pet name for his favorite pal.

This sweet depiction

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This little girl not only drew her mother farting continuously, and she also gave her little pig hooves. Aren't children just the sweetest things?

This majestic lighthouse

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It's a lighthouse, obviously. Wait, what did you think it was?

This relatable Mom

Well, of COURSE, this Mom likes drinking wine. What Mom doesn't?!

This adorable dino

The caption of this photo says "My son's pic of a 'Dinosaur' from when he was 4! He is now 10. This is stored in the 'When he's 21' box." As a soon-to-be parent, I'm totally making one of these boxes for my own son.

This confusing giraffe

Who taught this kid what a giraffe was?! Because they failed miserably.

This long-necked friend

"This is the start of my son's dinosaur he drew when we were out at Lonestar for tea about a month ago," says the caption. "Hubby and I couldn't stop laughing."

This lovely flower

This parent said she "laughed so hard I almost cried" after her child's kindergarten teacher sent her this pic. What kind of flower is this? A PEE-ony? ...I'll let myself out the door.