19 Test Answers from Kids Who Just Want to Watch the World Burn

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Ya gotta love ’em. They’re adorable, and they do adorable things.


Sometimes it seems like kids might be just a tad too clever for their own good. These 19 kids are really toeing the line between smart and sassy. I feel for their teachers!

Not technically wrong.

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Hey, do you see any McDonald’s restaurants up in space? Didn’t think so. Full points!

Nice try, kid.

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Honestly, I’m impressed they were able to achieve this. Doesn’t look like their teacher was quite as impressed, though.

It’s bold. It’s risky.

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JTH here has a level of bravery most people can only dream about. Let us all strive to be more like JTH.

Just following directions. Kinda.

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This kid decided to draw the shapes in space rather than in THE space. Personally, I love it. This next kid’s test might make you scratch your head.

Alphabetical order.

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I feel so bad for the kid taking this test. It’s so easy to imagine them looking at the page and wondering why the heck their teacher wanted them to do this.

Easiest test ever.

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And this kid must have been very confused by their spelling test disguised as math problems! Pretty good penmanship, though!

Once again, they’re not technically wrong.

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Perhaps the test question could be a little more specific. I’m not seeing any issues here.

It’s quite simple, really.

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I mean, yeah. It’s a math test. What else were they going to use?

What a typo!

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Either that’s a typo or spelling tests have changed a lot since I was in school. This next kid’s test is actually pretty adorable.

“1 football.”

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Ah. So that’s how the football got its name!

Show your thinking!

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The head-scratching is easily my favorite part of this drawing. But I do hope the stick figure is able to turn his frown upside-down.

Way to be honest.

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Every hero has a weakness. Some heroes just happen to be married to theirs.

“Move” is a verb!

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This is pure poetry. Someone should set it to music.

(Pssst. I think they’re looking for “The Gilded Age.”)

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And just wait until you hear about what ended in 1897! (It was 1896.) I think this next one is my absolute favorite.

“Word Bank.”

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I’ve never really considered what an animal called a word bank would look like. But this feels right, somehow.

Close enough?

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OK, this kid isn’t even trying. Also, where did they get the crayons?

Name the quadrilateral.

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I like the look of Tedison. He seems like a guy you could really chill with, ya know?

“Draw a horizontal line.”

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You may be wondering what you’re looking at here. It’s a horizontal lion. If this innocent misunderstanding doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will.

Thanks, kid.

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This is truly the greatest honor a mother could ever hope to receive. Share this with a teacher friend!