19 Kid Fails to Make You Feel Like Growing up Wasn't a Total Waste | 22 Words

OK, let me just start off by saying this:

Kids are amazing little wonders who bring copious amounts of joy to the people around them. They're super adorable and watching them as they explore the world around them is an absolute pleasure.

That being said...

They also do some pretty ridiculous stuff sometimes.

Now, maybe it's notĀ super polite to laugh at them. But sometimes, no matter how hard you try to stifle a laugh, you just can't help it! Here are 19 kid fails that you really shouldn't laugh at. Good luck with that!

Biking downhill? What could possibly go wrong?

To be fair, this is really more of a fail on the mom's part. What exactly was the plan here?

A relaxing day at the beach.

Admit it. You giggled.

Shoveling and struggling.

For all we know, this is exactly what the kid was trying to do. Kid logic isn't always easy to follow.

Water balloon fun!

You know that when you mix kids and water balloons, something hilarious is bound to happen. This GIF does not disappoint in that regard. If you thought that was funny, just wait until you see this next one!


I feel like an evil villain laughing at this poor child's surprise splash, but I really, really can't help it. I'm just going to go ahead and assume he brought a change of clothes and went on to have a wonderful day.

Baby diver.

So close! And yet. So very, very far.

Do you want to punch a snowman?

Remember, kids. Violence is never the answer.

Saw that one coming.

Every child has tried the laundry-basket-on-the-stairs trick. Similarly, every child has witnessed the trick go horribly, horribly wrong.

Mail call!

Oh, ya like mail, kid? Here's a whole face full of it! This next kid fail might be my all-time favorite.

Watch this.


Kid's reaction to being burned after trying to eat a lit candle. Amazing.

What's your plan here, Junior?

I feel that we could all learn a very important lesson from this child. If at first, you don't succeed, just keep on going in the same direction and hope everything will eventually work out.

Remember what we said about water balloons and kids?

Once again, this classic combo doesn't disappoint. Something tells me the adult throwing the balloon knew exactly what they were doing.

Hi-ho, Silver!

Looks like somebody got a little overzealous with the rocking horse. I hope they don't decide to get her a pony for her birthday.


Look, I'd probably react the exact same way as these two, and I'm a 28-year-old woman. A 28-year-old woman who is cackling with evil glee. The little girl in this next fail is having a realĀ day.

Who designed this thing?

Some people might think the challenge of the Easter egg hunt is in finding the hidden eggs. I'm here to tell you that it's actually trying to walk while holding a basket. Who'da thunk, right?

You can do it!

Here's a great technique to try next time you're on a diet! Please make sure someone films it.

He's trying so hard!

Hey, at least his head is getting some water. That's probably refreshing, right?

Sliding into Monday like:

If you can watch this GIF and not burst out laughing, well, you're a much better person than I. I commend you.

Gotta love that smile at the end.

He's so proud of himself for finally getting a drink! Never mind that he's soaked from head to toe. Share this with someone who's as evil as you are!