In a newly released trailer for the most recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian is seen wiping away tears and calling herself a "failure" over her marriage collapse with Kanye West...

And the emotional scene outlines Kim's stress and heartache over her divorce perfectly.


Read on to check it out...

Now, Kim and Kanye actually knew each other for quite some time before they started dating...


So much so, that Kim previously admitted she knew she had feelings for Kanye when she famously married Kris Humphries for just seventy-two days.

"Right before I got married to Kris, [Kanye and I] were talking and I just went a different direction. I think I had to go through that to figure out what I wanted. After my breakup, I was feeling really low and down and he said, 'Just come to Paris and see my fashion show.' He jokes that he put on this whole fashion show just to get a date with me. So I went there and I stayed with him, and that's where we started dating."

By April 2012, Kim and Kanye had gone public with their relationship...


And in December of that year, the couple revealed they were pregnant with their first child - North West.

Of course, Kanye announced the happy news in the most "Kanye" way ever.

While performing onstage in Atlantic City, he suddenly told everyone to "stop the music and make noise for my baby mama."

Following the birth of North, Kim and Kanye tied the knot in Italy in 2014...

And as anyone could imagine, it was the most lavish wedding to perhaps ever exist.

They went on to have 3 more children...

Saint West, born in 2015, Chicago, born via surrogate in 2018, and Psalm, also born via surrogate in 2019.

Kim and Kanye appeared to be one of the strongest couples in Hollywood...


But behind the scenes, cracks were slowly starting to show - the majority of which was caused by Kanye's increasingly erratic behavior.

Now, where do we even begin when it comes to Kanye's behavior?


Kanye is a man who has never been afraid of letting his opinion be known and, throughout the years, he has been in and out of the headlines for his strange and eye-opening antics.

But, last year, he had his sights set upon one thing.

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On July 4th, 2020, he suddenly revealed that he would be running for president.

In the last couple of years, Kanye has been dabbling in and out of the world of American politics.


Back in 2018, Kanye, who is an avid Trump supporter, sat down with the president in the Oval Office where he proclaimed his support and declared Trump a “hero" in a bizarre, rambling televised monologue that spawned myriad parodies.

But, on July 4th, he took things to the next level.

Taking to Twitter, Kanye wrote: "We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision, and building our future. I am running for president of the United States! #2020Vision."

Regardless of the haters, the rapper was deadset on his "2020 vision"...


And in July, he hosted his first-ever campaign rally which proved to be an extremely chaotic and alarming experience.

Clad in a bullet-proof vest with the numbers "2020" shaved into his head, Kanye threw his first rally in Charleston, South Carolina...

Where he seemed to whip up various policy decisions right there on the spot... including humiliating his wife and family in the process!

He firstly disclosed how he and Kim had discussed the possibility of abortion when she found out she was pregnant with North and, even though it is more than likely that Kim did not give her permission to Kanye to disclose this private information, he didn't seem to care.

He acknowledged that Kim may file for divorce following his revelation...

But, again, he didn't seem to care. "So even if my wife were to divorce me after this speech, she brought North into the world, even when I didn't want to. She stood up, and she protected that child."

Kim was soon forced to address her husband's erratic behavior...

And she posted a lengthy Instagram story explaining how difficult it is to live with bipolar disorder and how she will do anything to protect her husband and her children.

But the one thing about Kim's statement that really stood out for fans was when she described her family as being "powerless" against Kanye.

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"Those that understand mental illness or even compulsive behavior know that the family is powerless unless the member is a minor," she said.

It was an understandably terrible time for Kanye and his family...


So his supporters weren't surprised when he stepped down from his campaign and took some time to reconcile with his family.

But it was all to little avail...


Because in February 2021, TMZ reported exclusively that Kim had filed for divorce against Kanye after 7 years of marriage.

The beauty mogul will be asking for joint legal and physical custody of their children.

It has been reported that since the divorce was filed, Kim has been staying with the children at their $60 million Hidden Hills mansion in Los Angeles...

While Kanye has been spending the majority of his time traveling around the country and staying at his Wyoming ranch.

But while Kim has been putting on a brave face for her 226 million social media followers...

Things haven't been so easy for the star behind the scenes.

A recent trailer for the latest episode of KUWTK shows a snippet of an emotional conversation Kim had with her sisters about her broken marriage.


The conversation came ahead of the traditional Kardashian family trip to Lake Tahoe around Thanksgiving, with Khloe saying Kim and Kanye were getting into a bunch of fights before the getaway.

Wiping away tears, Kim is seen explaining how Kanye deserves someone who can travel with him and move to Wyoming.

"I can't do that! He should have a wife who supports his every move and travels with him and does everything," she says as she starts to cry.

"I feel like a f****** failure."

"I feel like a f****** loser! Like, my third marriage! But I can't even think about that, like, I want to be happy."

You can watch the teaser trailer here:

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