Kim Kardashian is under fire yet again after posting a picture of North's new horse on Twitter.

Keep scrolling to see what people had to say about this excessive birthday present...

The Kardashians are an undeniably powerful force.

They've all starred in one of the most successful realities shows of all time and each of the sisters has a massive influence on social media.

But they're more than just influencers...

They're truly impressive entrepreneurs and businesswomen. Whatever you think about them, you can't deny that they've done well for themselves.

They've come a long way since Keeping Up With The Kardashians first aired in 2007...

And more and more, the family are being respected as major players, particularly in the realms of fashion and beauty.

Although it's certainly no secret that the siblings have stirred up their fair share of controversy over the years.

The Kardashian-Jenners are never far from the headlines.

Take the repeated accusations of cultural appropriation, for instance.

Yep, fans are continually calling out the sisters for donning culturally appropriating hairstyles such as cornrows.

Or what about the photoshopping errors fans always spot?

The famous family has been known to admit to the "small amounts" of plastic surgery they've had done, but more than often, it's clearly just a photoshop job.

But there's one sister who seems to land themselves in hot water more than the others...

The second eldest of the clan, Kim Kardashian.

In recent years, Kim appears to have ventured off from her reality TV beginnings.

Similarly to her younger sister, Kylie Jenner, the star now runs her highly successful beauty empire, KKW Beauty, and has established herself as a successful entrepreneur.

She's a huge player in the fashion scene.

She's also training to be a lawyer...

The star announced she was entering the legal realm early last year. She revealed the news in Vogue’s May 2019 issue, announcing that she is training to become a criminal justice lawyer, and is now being mentored by 2 lawyers, Jessica Jackson, and Erin Haney.

Kim reportedly began a 4-year apprenticeship with a law firm in San Francisco last year...

And she will be taking the state’s exams in 2022 in order to qualify. So, it’s technically not law school, but California is one of the only states in which you can still take the bar exam and train to become a lawyer without a college or law school degree.

Despite the good that she has been trying to do, however, Kim frequently seems to get on the wrong side of fans.

Remember when the star was accused of blackface?

The accusations came after this magazine cover was released:

The photoshoot was for 7Hollywood, an “L.A.-based biannual fashion, celebrity, and art magazine distributed worldwide." The shoot was supposedly inspired by Elizabeth Taylor, however, many saw these shots and immediately got the impression that Kim was channeling (or appropriating) black culture instead.

Kim has also been frequently mom-shamed.

Whether it's letting her daughter, North, wear makeup or allowing her to wear hooped earrings - the parent-shamers are never far away.

And the most recent anger is, of course, to do with her eldest child, North.

North has just turned 7-years-old... Yep, you read that right - where has the time gone?!

To celebrate her daughter's birthday...

Kim and the family embarked on a trip to Wyoming to spend a few days horse-back riding. Seems fair enough, right?

Well, Kim decided to take things to a whole other level...

And she took to Twitter to show off North's very own Friesian horse.

For a little bit of context...

A Friesian horse is a majestic breed that is typically from the Netherlands, and as you can imagine, they don't come cheap.

Predictably, Kim's tweet didn't go down too well.

Firstly, many fans pointed out that Kim had spelled "Friesian" wrong which, we must say, isn't that terrible of her!

And secondly, people felt that this was just another example of Kim showing off.

Was it really necessary to say how many of these horses you own, Kim?

People slammed Kim for bragging...

And we must say, it isn't the first time she's discreetly bragged her wealth on social media.

Horse owners then got involved...

And as this Twitter user pointed out, it's highly unlikely that Kim and North will be the ones doing the dirty work and actually looking after these horses.

There are families out there who can barely afford to feed their kids...

Never mind splash out on fourteen expensive horses... now, what child needs fourteen horses?!

But as this Twitter user clarified...

People should be angry at the system and not the person. Kim has made most of her wealth off her fans, after all!

Hopefully, seeing the backlash will encourage Kim to take it easy on the bragging next time...

Of course, she is entitled to spend her money on whatever she wants, it will just be a wise idea to not rub it in millions of people's faces next time.