Kim Kardashian Shares Intimate Pic of Her and Kanye Before Quickly Deleting It

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Kim Kardashian’s relationship with hubby, Kanye West, is pretty well-documented. From their appearances on KUWTK to their packed social media accounts, it often seems as though there’s little about the couple that we don’t know.

However every now and then something pops up which reveals a different side to Kimye, and today is one of those days.

Kim uploaded a black and white photo of herself and husband Kanye being a little intimate with one another. The image, uploaded to Instagram, was captioned with a starlight emoji.

But then… it was deleted. Just minutes after being uploaded. Scroll down to see the image for yourselves.

When the reality star and business mogul met the rapper and producer, they quickly fell in love. The pair officially began dating in 2012.

Their wedding ceremony was as over-the-top as you’d expect, lasting an entire weekend with stops in Paris and Florence. The image that Kim shared became the most-liked Insta photo of the year.

In December of 2012, just months after announcing that they were a couple, Kim revealed that she was pregnant with first baby, North.

Kim and Kanye now share four kids: North, six, Saint, three, Chicago, almost two, and baby Psalm, aged four months.

She’s the undisputed queen of the selfie, and even memorably broke the internet by posting revealing snaps on social media.

So you’d think that there wouldn’t be much that she hasn’t already shared on social media, right? Well, actually, you’d be very wrong.

Because, a few weeks, Kim appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

And Fallon had a brand new game prepared for Kim. It’s called “Show Me Your Phone,” and it basically does what it says on the tin.

She appeared alongside model Winnie Harlow, with whom she’s collaborated for her latest range of beauty products.

Fallon asked her to share her most recent Google search – to which Kim laughed, “Oh my god, you guys, this is so embarrassing.”

She’d been searching for some rather … specific concerns when designing her latest range of shapewear. “This is such a legit question,” she said.

Kim and Winnie were also allowed to post one deleted image on Fallon’s phone to his Instagram account. They went for this rather unflattering selfie.

But Kim mocked the very concept of voicemail, calling it “ancient.”
“I don’t even have voicemail. Just text or call back,” she said.

Another round of the Show Me Your Phone game involves sharing the last message from their significant other – and, in Kim’s case, this of course means from Kanye.

“It’s so sweet,” she gushed before revealing the contents of her romantic message.

It reads, “West Lake/The first ranch in our family/50 years from now this will mean so much to us.” Kim explained: “He got a ranch in Wyoming and they’re on the lake. It has something that’s called West Lake so he took a picture of it and that’s like ‘a sign.'”

“He’s so excited to maybe be moving to Wyoming,” she claimed. As the audience responded with gasps, she shrugged and said, “I don’t know.”

But the ranch dream is real, she says. “My husband just did buy a ranch there. His dream and vision is to move there.”

The 5,000-acre property was visited by Kim and three of the couple’s kids. It’s not quite fit for purpose yet, though – she says there was no electricity, no bathroom, and no lights!

She’s also not convinced about relocating to Wyoming. “I love Los Angeles, so I envision summers, some weekends,” Kim claimed.

And if this recent Instagram post is anything to go by, their love keeps on getting stronger.

However the image was removed within minutes. But it was too late.

She’s been promoting Kanye’s new album, Jesus Is King, as well as tirelessly promoting her own numerous brands. However, for a change, she uploaded one image of herself and Kanye embraced in an intimate kiss. There’s nothing wrong with the image. It’s harmless love. However, for some reason, the snap was removed in minutes.

In the picture, the couple can be seen standing on a rocky landscape wearing sports wear, as Kim wraps her arms around Kanye and they kiss. As previously mentioned above, the snap was captioned with a starlight emoji and racked up tens of thousands of likes before being removed in minutes.

After scouring the internet for some enlightenment, some explanation for the deletion, I have come to the conclusion that absolutely nobody knows why the image was removed. But then.

After being uploaded for the second time today, the image already has millions likes in no time at all. Something fishy is going on at Kimye HQ…