Kim Kardashian Wore Nothing but Glitter for a Brand New Photo Shoot

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It’s kind of surprising that it took Kim Kardashian this long to get completely naked and cover herself in glitter, but at least it’s happening now, right? Right.

She did it as an advertisement for her makeup brand and honestly, as an advertisement for herself, and you know what? It totally worked. We love it, Kim. Keep on Kardashi-on.

Kim Kardashian is pretty much never not in the news.

You’re guaranteed to see her face if you open your phone, or your computer, or your tablet, or your Apple Watch, or your Blackberry… You get the idea. She’s everywhere.

It’s really remarkably accurate. She also came under fire for her Selena getup for the same holiday.

To be fair, they are super fancy and pretty weird ice cubes. But come on! Ice cubes! The woman is a media mogul/magician.

Sure it was for a photo shoot and it wasn’t the result of some night of partying that got out of hand, but it was still a pretty good story.

The nude glitter photo is a promo for her makeup line, KKW Beauty, and it’s honestly so hot it might make a customer out of you (if you weren’t already one). Just wait ’til you see it…

It’s too fierce and too beautiful for words. Lgbdkagnwogbrwia!! That’s all we can say about it. Literally, no real words come out when we try to describe how incredible this photo is.

It’s like a Harry Potter spell in photo form. It also makes us wonder what the cleanup process was like, but that’s for another article.

Just in time for the holidays, you’ll be able to glitter your entire body up for Santa. No? Too far. Sorry not sorry.

What are we, going to be abducted by aliens or something? Because we’ll volunteer to be abducted by aliens if they look like Kim Kardashian in body glitter. (Turns out ultralight beam highlighters and glosses will be available in the release. Go figure.)

But we have faith that Kim Kardashian won’t fall into the Mariah Carey Glitter trap. Here’s hoping we’re all ultralight-beamed to Planet Kim Kardashian come December 1.