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P Diddy's 50th birthday bash saw the rise and fall of the most glamorous. With A-List celebrity guests kitted out in their most fancy gear, you'd be crazy not to have a sneak-peak at the latest beauty trends in Diddy's Beverly Hills mansion.

However, the night didn't end too well for Kim Kardashian as details about her stunning dress were released in the press.

Keep scrolling to have a sneak-peak at the controversial outfit.

P Diddy's 50th birthday was the talk of the town...

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Despite his birthday being in November, Diddy celebrated his big five-O on Saturday night.

The glitzy bash featured some of our favorite A-Lister's...

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Guests included celebrity couples such as Cardi B and Offset, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and of course, the top of the royal food chain, Beyonce and Jay Z.

And obviously, they all made an effort to doll themselves up...

Here are some of our favorite looks of the night including the very expensive dress that Kim wore. It caused major outrage amongst online users because she flogged out almost ten thousand dollars just to wear it for one night... Yikes. I have to say though, it was stunning.

10. P Diddy and Jay Z.

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I see those red bottoms on Jay Z, and yes, they look great, but P Diddy definitely wins this one. That blazer is just to die for.

9. Chadwick Boseman.

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Boseman really won some extra brownie points for that bowtie.

8. Lizzo.

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We love a little bit of sparkle and Lizzo really brought that extra bit of glamour to the event. We stan a confident queen.

7. Usher.

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Come through with that cigar, Ush! I don't think I could ever name a time when he looked bad... Nope, he has never.

6. Mary J Blige.

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Look at this woman. Just look at her. This stunning evening gown suited her perfectly. Forty-eight never looked so good!

5. Jayden Smith.

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It's all about a pop of color with Smith's look. He really pulls off that sky blue necktie, bringing a fresher feel to a classic look.

4. Cardi B and Offset.

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Cardi is known for her outrageous looks, but for Diddy's birthday bash, she stripped it back with this puffy ensemble. The low cut front brings an extra bit off sass to the outfit and with Offset on her arm, the couple really brought the glam factor back.

3. Snoop Dog.

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Come through, Snoop! Look at that fur collar. This man really knows how to steal the limelight. While most of the men were dressed in a classic tux look, Snoop was kitted from head to toe in this grey two-piece. Wow.

2. Beyonce.

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Beyonce turned up to the party ready to snatch wigs and that's exactly what she did. She, along with Jay Z, really showed the other guests why they are at the top of the celebrity food chain.

Though there were some mixed reactions about her dress, she really worked with what she had.

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Some people claimed that her stylists needed firing as they always dress her in something a little too risky. But who else is going to pull off a risky look if it isn't Queen B?

1. Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West.

These 2 really gave Beyonce and Jay Z a run for their money on Saturday night.

While most of the women dressed in black...

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Kim opted for a stunning gold, off-the-shoulder number. This timeless look stole the hearts of everyone everywhere.

However, it didn't last long...

Most people thought she looked good, but the rest of the internet quickly got hold of the details about her "wedding dress". And when they found out how much it had cost her, they were left reeling in anger.

At a whopping $9300, this dress would leave more than a dent in anyone's pocket.

A Vivienne Westwood dress doesn't come cheap, but for one night, paying such a hefty amount might be pushing the boat a little too far.

She posted these shots to Instagram.

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One user commented saying: "That dress cost almost as much as some Veterans get a year." While another commented: "There are also those who have nothing to eat and to wear."

Kim Kardashian does her bit for the world...

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But maybe this was pushing things too far? According to the internet, she was just flaunting her money in the faces of those who don't have it. However, if you think about it, she earns enough for that to be light change, that doesn't mean she doesn't understand how others live.

It's a bit of a harsh take on the situation considering everyone else was also wearing expensive outfits...

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There were some comments on how gorgeous she looked and how classy she looked compared to her more "outrageous" outfits. We think she really stole the show but hey, everyone's entitled to their own opinions. If you're looking to read more about how Kim's caused a stir with her actions, keep scrolling.