Kim Kardashian’s Halloween Costume Had People Calling Her Racist

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There are so many Halloween costumes that aren’t problematic in any way. Pumpkin? Check. Penguin? Check. The cow jumping over the moon? Absolutely. So why, why do people insist on wearing costumes that make people mad? Kim Kardashian provided us with no shortage of creative Halloween costumes this year, but one, in particular, caused flames to erupt in the eyes of Twitter users everywhere.

They were scarily accurate, but it’s easy to impress with a spot-on Halloween costume when you probably have a legion of assistants and makeup artists wrangling clothing and props for you, right?

That’s probably why Kim thought she had to keep going. Here, she’s dressed as Madonna, blonde wig, pouty face, and all.

She could have stopped there — dressing up as two huge music legends in one Halloween weekend is more than enough for thirsty fans. But she just had to round out the trio, and what did she go with?

The look comes from the iconic R&B singer’s 2001 music video for the song, “Try Again,” which is ironic because as soon as Kim K posted this video, many people told the reality star to try again when it came to her costume.

There were so many other options. So many. Yet, Kim K managed to pick one that riled people up immediately. Some cried insensitivity, and others called her out for cultural appropriation.

Of course, this isn’t the first time the Kardashian star has come under fire for cultural appropriation. Over the summer, she was accused of wearing blackface during a photo shoot for her beauty line. But not everyone was so harsh toward Kim K for her choice in costume…

That makes sense. But Aaliyah’s also a tragic figure who died far too young in a terrible accident, so you can understand why people are upset that Kim would decide to parade around on Halloween dressed as her.

And the fact of the matter is, both opinions are valid. She could have chosen a costume that didn’t have any cultural implications at all and saved herself a lot of online hate.

If you want to use Halloween to make a statement or to dress up as a potentially problematic character, you’ve got to be prepared for a flurry of varied responses.