Kind-Hearted Cab Driver Takes Ocean-Loving Dog Who Is Too Sick To Walk the Beach

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A kind-hearted cab driver voluntarily took an old, sick dog who was too unwell to walk to the local beach that she loves so much.

This is such a heartwarming story of kindness…

It’s no secret that dogs are the nation’s favorite pet – They’re cute, they’re loving, and, most importantly, they’re loyal.

And we all know that our pooches would, quite literally, walk to the ends of the earth for us.

So of course, dog-owners struggle immensely seeing their faithful companions near the end of their lives.

And their usual bounds of energy dwindle massively.

Such as going for long walks or taking visits to the beach.

An old and sick dog was able to spend the day doing what she once loved the most.

And due to her old age, her back problems now prevent her from being able to do many things such as walking long distances and running.

And recently when the old dog fell unwell, Suzanne was desperate to treat Reema to her most favorite thing – a day at the beach.

But sadly, Reema is now unable to walk the full distance to her beach and, alongside Suzanne not being able to drive, there’s no way they can get there.

Speaking in an interview, Suzanne said:

“Reema was very sad that she was no longer able to walk on the beach. It’s her favorite place to go and is so close to us that it seemed such a shame she was missing out.”

She posted on social media asking for the kind assistance from anyone in the local area who had a car.

And he said he “didn’t think twice” about offering up his services to help out the poor old pooch.

“Some people are funny about having dogs in their car but that’s not me, they’re part of the family in my opinion,” he explained. “Others say dogs can only go in the boot but I would never do that. I wouldn’t put a person in the boot, so why would I put an older dog in there?”

Reema had the best day out with her family.

“Reema has lived a long and exciting life but I think her days of traveling abroad are behind her now. She’s quite happy to make the short trip to the beach nowadays,” Suzanne explained.

And it’s warmed many hearts, to say the least!

Especially those that have been in our lives for so long!

And this is something that both Suzanne and Reema will never be forgetting.

Way too cute.

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