Kindergarten Worker Wins $57,000 Payout After Being Sacked Because She Was Pregnant

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A kindergarten worker has won a staggering $57,000 payout after she was sacked for being pregnant.

Now, this is the kind of justice we like to hear!

Because just imagine being sacked from your job for being pregnant?

It’s completely unfathomable, right?
Well, this is exactly what happened to Simone Cousins who, when she announced she was pregnant with her now 3-year-old daughter, was “unreasonably” denied requests for important hospital appointments by the kindergarten she worked at.

According to Metro, the twenty-nine-year-old was “pressured” into working her normal hours – despite suffering fatigue and nausea – before being summoned to a disciplinary hearing on unfounded claims.

She was also called to a formal meeting where she was accused of claiming wages she didn’t work – however, no evidence was presented.
Weeks later, Simone was summoned to another meeting in which she was told she could be sacked for gross misconduct – this time they alleged she claimed ninety-five hours she didn’t work.

She was ultimately sacked after 2 years of employment for gross misconduct on grounds she falsified the hours worked and failed to use the sign-in book.

This is what prompted Simone to sue her former employers, the Dovecote Nursery based in Northampton, U.K, on pregnancy discrimination, harassment, and unfair dismissal.

And incredibly, things went Simone’s way as she won the lawsuit after the judge ruled she was fired because she was pregnant.

The mom-of-1 won £39,535 ($57,000) and it was ruled by the tribunal that the managing director of the kindergarten company “failed to listen to Simone’s answers, could have discovered that she wasn’t lying if she checked the work log, and made “totally illogical” allegations.

Employment Judge Robin Postle said, “Mrs. Maria Noble had maintained Ms. Cousins was an honest and trustworthy employee, one of the best and meticulous with her paperwork.”

“However, following the announcement of Ms. Cousins’ pregnancy she was accused of falsifying wages without any evidence to support this claim and was then deducted 95 hours without warning or explanation and then when she complained about it the hours and money were subsequently re-instated again without any explanation.
“That was oppressive and high-handed.”

“The tribunal is left with the inevitable conclusion that the reason for Ms. Cousins’ dismissal was her pregnancy.”

We hope Simone’s win will give her some peace from the situation and, more importantly, will give her and her daughter a much easier and comfortable life.