KISS Rocker Gene Simmons Recalls the Final Time He Spoke With Eddie Van Halen | 22 Words

This is truly heartbreaking to hear...

The death of Eddie Van Halen shook the world...

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And the rock music community was left utterly heartbroken.

So many fond memories have been flooding in of the late guitarist...

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And now, legendary KISS frontman Gene Simmons has spoken of his final moments with Eddie.

On October 6th, legendary guitarist, Eddie Van Halen, sadly passed away.

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He was just sixty-five-years-old.

Almost instantly from the tragic announcement, the whole world went into mourning.

We all know that Eddie co-founded the iconic rock band Van Halen...

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And he was renowned for his unique and intricate guitar skills.

Eddie had been a concrete member of the band for decades...

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And, up until his final day, music has been his life and his passion.

Eddie's son, Wolfgang Van Halen, was the one who announced the terrible news...

And, quickly, tributes began pouring in.

It's a tragic loss...

And people all over the world have been left heartbroken.

Wolfgang confirmed that his father passed away following a lengthy battle with throat cancer.

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He had been battling the disease for over a decade, and his journey finally came to an end at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica.

But, just before he succumbed to the dreadful illness...

Eddie had been quite active on social media.

The guitarist frequently posted on his Instagram account...

And he wasn't afraid to show off his wicked sense of humor with his 457,000 followers.

But in the aftermath of his death...

People began to notice his "touching" final Instagram post.

Just 5 months ago, Eddie had shared this photo of him and his brother, Alex...

Alongside the caption: "Happy Birthday Al!! Love Ya!!"

We can't imagine how Eddie will have spent his final few months...

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Because due to his illness, he was left feeling weak and vulnerable.

This didn't stop Eddie from staying positive, however...

And Gene Simmons has recently proven this.

We all know and love Gene Simmons for being the heavy-rocker from KISS.

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KISS is one of the most iconic rock bands in the world and the band members are very popular in the rock community.

Everyone knows Gene Simmons...

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And it turns out that Eddie and Gene were quite good friends!

Well, Gene has opened up to People Magazine about the last time he saw Eddie in 2014.

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Speaking of their encounter, seventy-one-year-old Gene said: "Years later, I ran into Eddie on Sunset Blvd. This was after he caught the disease and I didn't know what to say to him... I didn't want to bring up the subject. Should I grab him and hug him and tell him how sorry I am? Should I put my hand on his shoulder?"

But Eddie knew exactly how to handle the situation.

"He brought it up. He said, 'Hey man, I got cancer. What are you gonna do?' and he smiled. He just sort of shrugged. He was like, 'Hey, wanna get a hot dog or something?' And he just walked off — not looking for sympathy or anything... He really seemed to enjoy life."

And when Gene learned of Eddie's passing...

"When I was shocked to find out Eddie had passed, the first image that hit me — so help me God — was Eddie Van Halen grinning from ear to ear with that big, huge, million-dollar smile," the rocker recalled. "He always had that on, whether he was on stage playing for packed houses or in videos or meeting a stranger. He just smiles and says, 'Hey, how you doing?'"

Rest in Peace, Eddie.

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Our thoughts and condolences go out to his family and friends during this terrible time. As this turbulent year rattles on, let's take a second to look back at all the famous faces we have tragically lost this year.