Kit Harington Is Coming To Netflix for His First Role After ‘Game of Thrones’

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In spite of its somewhat controversial ending, Game of Thrones is still much missed by many fans. One huge reason for this is its characters, who were among some of the best acted on TV. But now fans of John Snow can rejoice in the news of a Kit Harrington TV comeback …

The King beyond the wall is coming back to our screens.

Who wouldn’t love Jon Snow?

Fans were pretty divided on that finale.

We all agreed: we love Kit Harrington!

But took some well-deserved time off after 8 years of fighting wildlings and white walkers.

As it’s been confirmed that he’s making a comeback.

via : IMDB

The first series starred David Tenant and Hayley Atwell, and each episode focuses on another suspect during questioning.

But it’s also set to star Nicholas Pinnock (Marcella), Katherine Kelly (Last of the Summer Wine), Rochenda Sandall (Line of Duty), Shubham Saraf (Bodyguard), and Lee Ingleby (The A-Word).

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