North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un Reportedly Dead Aged 36 | 22 Words

According to reports, Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea has died aged thirty-six.

After rumors about his health started circling around social media, it has been reported that he has passed away, however, there are conflicting reports coming from South Korea. This is a breaking news story and will be updated accordingly.

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Kim Jong Un was born into a family of dictators.

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After succeeding his father, Kim Jong Il in 2011, the current dictator of North Korea has been hailed as the best of them yet.

But he had a difficult legacy to follow.

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His father set the precedent as being the overwhelming, dominant personality that has now come to define the country as a whole.

Since he came into power, government scriptures have always legitimized his leadership.

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It is said that the family history stems from a line of "nationalists who resisted imperialism from the Japanese in the early 20th century" and this can easily be reflected in Jong Un's modern-day leadership.

However, Kim Jong Un has always been more of a mystery compared to his father...

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With little to no fact-based evidence detected, right from the beginning, Jong Un's identity has been doused in mystery. Even his birthdate has been the center of speculation.

While some outlets claim he was born in the early '80s...

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Others have cited that he may have actually been born much earlier, but with age and power coming hand-in-hand, the younger the leader is perceived to be, the more powerful he reigns, so no one can be too sure.

But one thing is for sure... We all know him to be an overwhelming force.

When the baton was passed to Jong Un, he gladly accepted, promising to continue the regime his dad had implemented on the country and all of its people.

Even though he reformed some agricultural and economic aspects, his rule has been nothing short of brutal.

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Activists, as well as multiple other Human Rights organizations, have described the country to be one that is riddled with violations and oppressive laws.

And horror stories from within the country's "re-education" camps have proved just how far the regime is willing to go.

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Civilians that have escaped the dictatorship have revealed stories of torture, mutilation, and abuse from within chainlink fences. Many of them seek refuge in neighboring countries such as South Korea, while some take the risk of traveling further, to China.

One survivor described his ordeal:

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The Independent published an article outlining the horrific treatment of one man who survived one of North Korea’s "most notorious" forced labour camps.

Kang Cheol Hwan had been trapped for 10 years prior to his escape.

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He was "confined at the Yodok concentration camp, otherwise known as Camp 15, used to imprison so-called enemies of the state" and the memories he recalled were beyond imagination, including having to watch the "hanging" of multiple campmates who dared defied the rules.

But of course, North Korean officials denied the claims.

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Aljazeera News stated that "North Korea has repeatedly rejected accusations of human rights abuses and blames sanctions for a dire humanitarian situation. The country has been under UN sanctions since 2006 because of its ballistic missiles and nuclear programs."

But it's not just civilians that had been caught in the firing line...

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In order to validate his dictatorship, Jong Un took it upon himself to execute members of his father's cabinet if he deemed them to be traitors. And among them were many senior officials including his own uncle, Jang Song Thaek, who was considered one of his top advisers at the time.

And not to mention the scandal surrounding his half-brother...

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In 2017, Jong Un's half brother was mysteriously murdered in Malaysia. It was reported that poison had been used in order to kill him at Kuala Lumpur airport after he became an open critic about his brother's strict regime.

But because the country has always been locked-off from the rest of the world...

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It has been hard to get front-line evidence of how the others had been disposed of but rumors circulated that they had either been shot or thrown into a camp where they could be monitored.

So it's safe to say Kim Jong Un wasn't going to win an award for "Best Leader" any time soon.

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North Korean-American relations had always been rocky right from the start, but when President Donald Trump got into power, things got significantly worse.

It's no secret that Jong Un loved to boast about his nuclear strength...

Other leaders had opted not to poke the bear with the red button, but our President decided to take a whole different approach after North Korea decided to use the area around them to "test" their missiles.

And for the past 4 years, strong words had been exchanged on social media.

Watching these two powerful leaders take blows at each other was nothing short of frightening, with both parties threatening nuclear war on each other.

However, they seemed to reach an agreement for peace...

Well, kind of. They shook hands and called what looked to be a "truce", putting their egos down for a hot minute.

And since then, not a single public tweet had been thrown into the mix.

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We were thankful that it died down as quickly as it started, but it just proved just how frivolous and dangerous Kim Jong Un could be.

But since his health took a turn for the worst, his days have been numbered.

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Recently, reports about the dictator undergoing intense heart surgery have been surfacing, which has led us to believe that he may not be in the best shape.

Though multiple government officials have denied the claims.

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Obviously, North Koreans have condemned the rumors and have stated that the health of the country's leader is fine.

Even the South Korean government backed up these claims.

However, this was clearly not the case.

And now his death has been reported.

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Although unconfirmed, reports have been circulating that Kim Jong-un has passed away.

The news comes from China and Japan.

According to reports, quoted by TMZ, Kim Jong-un has reportedly died, or is on his death bed with no hope.

Someone let the news slip.

A Hong Kong-backed news channel's vice director, who's apparently the niece of a Chinese foreign minister, let the news slip on Weibo. Posting to her 15 million followers she revealed that a 'very solid source' had confirmed Kim's passing following botched heart surgery.

While talks about a successor have been circling, there has been no official announcement as of yet.

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Who will be able to take on such an impactful role during these difficult and uncertain times?

All we know is that a new era is set to begin...

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Interesting times are ahead.

Despite rumors circulating from several news sources...

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South Korea has claimed that the leader is "alive and well." There has still been no official word from North Korea declaring Kim Jong Un as dead, and so the status of his health remains unclear. This is a developing story. Further updates to follow.