Kobe Bryant Law Signed by Governor of California Banning First Responders From Taking Death Pictures | 22 Words

A new "Kobe Bryant Law" has been signed by the Governor of California that will ban first responders from taking death pictures at crime scenes...

A new law has just been signed by the Governor of California...

And it will make it a misdemeanor for a first responder to take or share pictures from an accident or crime scene for any purpose outside official law enforcement or genuine public interest.

This comes shortly after it emerged that first responders took personal photos of the bodies of Kobe and Gigi Bryant...

And now the distraught Vanessa Bryant is seeing, something urgently needs to be done about this hideous crime.

Now, as you will all be aware, it has been an unbelievably challenging year for the Bryant family.

On January 26th this year, the world was shocked when the news of Kobe Bryant's death hit the headlines.

The NBA legend was traveling with his thirteen-year-old daughter, Gianna, in a private helicopter...

When tragedy struck.

For reasons that are still to be confirmed, Kobe's helicopter suffered some sort of malfunction...

Causing it to crash in Southern California.

No one on board the flight survived the crash...

Kobe and Gianna, alongside Orange Coast College baseball coach, John Altobelli and his wife and daughter, died in the aircraft.

It was the most devastating news.

Kobe left behind his wife and their daughters - Natalia and Bianca, and their newborn, Capri.

Gianna was set to follow in Kobe's footsteps...

And would often accompany Kobe to basketball games. In fact, from childhood, Gianna would participate in the team warm-ups.

The thirteen-year-old was reportedly a true talent...

And many thought she was set for an illustrious basketball career.

Heartbreaking footage from the aftermath of the tragedy was quick to circulate online...

This clip, which was uploaded to Twitter, shows smoke emerging from the crash site as emergency services respond to the devastating incident.

Tributes soon poured in for the victims.

Kobe was a beloved presence in the celebrity world - and he remains horribly missed today.

And as for Vanessa and the girls?

Well, they've been trying to get on with their lives as best as they can.

It was an unimaginable loss for the family.

Vanessa lost both her husband and her daughter, while the girls lost their father and their sister. In the aftermath of the accident, Vanessa wrote on Instagram: "I’ve been reluctant to put my feelings into words. My brain refuses to accept that both Kobe and Gigi are gone. I can’t process both at the same time. It’s like I’m trying to process Kobe being gone but my body refuses to accept my Gigi will never come back to me. It feels wrong."

And, if matters couldn't get any worse...

Vanessa is now suing the LA County Sheriff and his department.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Vanessa is claiming that they caused her severe emotional distress.

She is alleging that deputies took personal cellphone photos of the bodies of Kobe and Gigi Bryant at the scene of the helicopter crash in January.

As per the lawsuit, no fewer than 8 Sheriff's Deputies were involved at the crash site.

"No fewer than 8 Sheriff's Deputies at the crash site, pulled out their personal cell phones and snapped photos of the dead children, parents, and coaches. The deputies took these photos for their own personal gratification."

The lawsuit goes onto allege the photos were the subject of conversation within the Sheriff's department...

With deputies allegedly showing their colleagues the pictures that had no investigative purpose.

The lawsuit also states how the photos were exposed, claiming a deputy was at a bar, and showed the photos to a woman he was trying to impress.

As per TMZ, the bartender heard the conversation and called the Sheriff's department.

The suit alleges that Sheriff Villanueva tried to cover it all up.

It goes on to claim he went to the Sheriff's substation that responded to the crash and told Deputies if they deleted the photos they would not face discipline, which the lawsuit claims was destruction of evidence.

The Sheriff never gave the family straight answers and now, Vanessa is in constant fear the photos will be leaked.

"Ms. Bryant feels ill at the thought of strangers gawking at images of her deceased husband and child, and she lives in fear that she or her children will one day confront horrific images of their loved ones online."

The suit also alleges Villanueva did not tell the families about the photos...

And that horrifically, they found out through the media.

This is utterly disgusting...

And people are furious to say the least, and this is not what the grieving families deserve.

It seems that all of this anger has now been acknowledged, however...

As the governor of California has signed a new "Kobe Bryant Law" - which makes it a crime for first responders to take unauthorized pictures of a dead person at an accident scene.

The new measure will take place on January 1st, 2021.

Gavin Newsom signed the bill which will make it a misdemeanor for a first responder to take or share pics from an accident or crime scene for any purpose outside official law enforcement or genuine public interest.

We hope that justice can be served for Kobe, Gigi, and the other souls lost in this terrible accident.

Rest in Peace.