2020 strikes again...

Heartbreaking news has been released that Kojak and Knots Landing star Kevin Dobson has passed away age seventy-seven.

He leaves behind a legacy of iconic TV characters that still resonate with people today...

It's always heartbreaking when we lose a well-loved celebrity...

Especially when we grow up with their iconic roles being important parts of our lives.

Many TV shows deal with important life events...

And in turn, help us deal with our own life dramas.

There are some TV shows that become instant classics...

And this is mainly down to the actors that play the roles.

Kevin Dobson was best known for his roles in TV dramas and soaps...

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He was well-loved and a regular face on our TV screens.

Dobson was the star of Kojak. the well-known '70s detective show.

Along with the '80s primetime TV show, Knots Landing.

He died Sunday...

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According to the United Veterans Council of San Joaquin County.

A statement read...

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"The United Veterans Council regrets to inform you that our former Chairman and Army Veteran Kevin Dobson passed away this evening Sunday, September 6th, 2020."

Adding: "Our condolences to his family and May he Rest In Peace. More information will be posted about his funeral services once available."

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He was born on March 18 in 1943 in Jackson Heights, New York.

Kevin didn't immediately start out in the TV industry.

He began his working career as a trainman, brakeman, and a conductor on the Long Island Railroad.

What some might not know is he was an Army veteran...

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Who once served as Chairman of the council.

Kevin broke into acting in 1968...

When he landed a role on One Life to Live, which set him on a path loaded with regular TV roles.

And there was a wide variety...

Including The Doctors, Mod Squad and Emergency!

After his role as Det. Bobby Crocker on Kojak...

He certianly became a recognizable face.

He scored his most notable role in 1982, as Mack MacKenzie, on Knots Landing.

Which earned him 5 Soap Opera Digest Awards!

He went on to appear on several other popular soaps...

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Like The Bold and the Beautiful and Days of Our Lives.

Along with a handful of films.

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Dobson's most recent credits include guest spots on House of Lies and Anger Management.

Which helped him gain popularity with a younger audience.

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Leading many to his older works.

He was also set to appear in the TV series 12 to Midnight next year.

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Kevin leaves behind his wife and their 3 children.

According to reports, Kevin died of a heart attack...

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He was seventy-seven years old.

This is heartbreaking news for his family and fans.

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