Kourtney Kardashian Claps Back at Body Shamer After Gaining Weight | 22 Words

Kourtney Kardashian is known for keeping it real, and her latest antic is certainly no exception.

The star has been forced to clap back at comments body-shaming her after she posted a series of bikini pics. And in usual Kourtney-style, she didn't hold back.

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Whether you are a fan or not...

There's no denying that the Kardashians are a pop culture force to be reckoned with.

The famous family aren't really known for embracing their natural selves.

A moment never seems to go by where there isn't some kind of plastic surgery rumor or huge photoshop fail from the family.

Their appearances are constantly changing.

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You only have to blink and their lips will suddenly be fuller and their bodies have been sculpted into a whole other shape (some body parts more than others).

As one of the most famous families of our generation, they are constantly scrutinized.

They can't even step out of their house for lunch without the flashing of cameras.

And though they may have been on our screens for more than a decade, with the rise of social media, they can offer us a filtered version of themselves. 

And, in a way, you can't blame them - if that many eyes were on us, we would feel a pressure to look good all the time, too.

They aren't strangers to cosmetic enhancements.

Because, let's be honest, that trademark "Kardashian" bod that the sisters have so carefully crafted, aka huge ass, tiny waist, surely can't be achieved by a good diet and exercise alone, right?

Whether they like it or not, they have an impact on their young fans.

Their influence is huge - you only have to look at the fact that so many girls went and got lip fillers after the whole Kylie Jenner thing.

It's clear that whatever work they get done seems to spark a trend online.

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Whether its cheek, jaw, or lip fillers, there's no doubt the famed family had a part to play.

And this often lands them in bad press.

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Let's be honest, when was the last time you saw a positive headline about a Kardashian?

But, refreshingly, one member of the Kardashian clan usually manages to hit the headlines for a positive reason.

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The oldest sibling, Kourtney Kardashian, usually receives a lot of praise for her more realistic and relatable approach.

We aren't entirely surprised that Kourtney is the one to break the family's string of bad press.

The forty-one-year-old has remained as the least problematic, usually steering clear of the drama.

She's also a fan favorite.

From her relatable resting-b*tch face to hilarious one-liners, Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans have hailed the star as a bit of an internet meme.

We can't forget this iconic moment.

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Ah, we remember it well.

She's been pretty candid about her personal issues in the past.

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Especially when it comes to her relationship with her ex, Scott Disick, who she's regularly opened up about on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Kourtney shares her little family with Scott.

The pair share 3 children together, Penelope, Reign, and Mason.

And even though the pair are separated...

They have done a truly wonderful job of raising their kids together with keeping public drama to the bare minimum.

And we must say...

They make for the most adorable of families.

Kourtney often gets praised for keeping it real.

She previously made headlines for showing off her stretch marks, for instance.

The star clearly doesn’t care about embracing her natural body, stretch marks and all.

But this week, she has been forced to clap back at body shamers.

And in usual Kourtney-style...

She really didn't hold back.

The comments were sparked yesterday, when the star posted a series of bikini pics.

The star took to Instagram and uploaded some snaps of her catching some rays during lockdown.

But the comments quickly became filled with the same thing.

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... Pregnancy rumors.

An overwhelming number of fans thought that Kourtney was pregnant.

And while the comments weren't nasty per se, fans were clearly making a judgment based on Kourtney's body.

The comments just kept flooding in...

They were pretty hard to ignore. Keep scrolling to see the snaps in question.

Oh, and let's remind ourselves that she's had 3 children...

So her body won't look completely the same... and that's okay.

So, the reality star was forced to step in...

She settled the score on the rumors.

Here's how Kourtney clapped back.

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Good on her!

And here are the pics in question:

Can we just say, she looks amazing. Little sister Kylie Jenner was recently body shamed and she responded in the best way. Keep scrolling for the full story...