Kourtney Kardashian Comes Out as an Autosexual

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Kourtney Kardashian has recently come out with a very interesting revelation: she’s autosexual.

Read on to find out what exactly being autosexual means…

Now, we all know who the Kardashians are…

Because they’re one of the most famous families in the world.

Ever since the hit reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, first hit our screens in 2006…

The world has been utterly Kardashian obsessed.

The main focus has always been on “momager” Kris Jenner and her daughters, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie.

As well as the many partners, pals, and love interests of the family, including Scott Disick (who remains outrageously popular on the show), Tristan Thompson, Kanye West, Blac Chyna, and Jordyn Woods.

Especially between the hot-headed sisters, who are famous for constantly arguing and creating some golden TV moments.

Whether that’s Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe constantly arguing over who’s the most successful…

Or the famous gender transition of Kris’ ex and Kendall and Kylie’s dad, Caitlyn Jenner… there’s always something going on with the Kardashians!

It’s very admirable how far they’ve come in the last fourteen years and the numerous business ventures they’ve each taken on.

Even though Kim literally started the whole family fame with a controversial intimate video in 2002, the businesswoman and fashion mogul is now studying law in the hopes of becoming a lawyer, just like her late father Robert Kardashian.

And regularly works with huge names such as Calvin Klein, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and many more.

Who could forget Kylie Jenner? She is now perhaps the most famous of the family.

Comes a lot of criticism and controversies that have been surrounding the family for years now.

Whether that’s because of them using cultural appropriation as fashion trends, promoting unhealthy body expectations with their heavily filtered and enhanced looks, having lots of cosmetic surgery while claiming they’re all-natural, or setting bad examples for young women… they’ve been accused of it all.

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Eldest of the bunch, Kourtney Kardashian, of course!

Kourtney has made her ambitions to be a good mom very well known over the years…

And even though KUWTK will be officially coming to an end next year, it has been clear for quite some time that Kourt hasn’t been happy being on the show.

But in more recent times, the star has spoken out about something very personal… and very unexpected.

Kourtney recently shared a very suggestive article on her lifestyle website, POOSH.

The mom-of-3 invited therapist and writer Casey Tanner on her website to discuss the term “autosexual.” Though it seems people are far from impressed with the revelation…

“A prime example of this is simply women in general. While it may not be true for everyone, we generally feel more sexual and turned on when we feel we ourselves are sexy. But it’s not just about the ladies.” “While mas**rbation is an example, autosexuality may extend beyond sexual behavior to include feeling a longing or desire for oneself.”

To which it then said,  “The short answer is yes, most likely.”

Examples of learning how to turn oneself on by the POOSH team included “wearing sexy lingerie”, “doing your hair and makeup so that you feel good and turned on”, and “washing yourself lovingly’ in the bath.” They then added, “It could mean dancing in the mirror in a cute outfit. If feeling sexy independent of someone else has ever turned you on, that’s autosexuality, and it’s totally normal.”

“When we know how to turn ourselves on, we depend less on environmental cues to move us into a sensual headspace,” the article explained. “When we look at or fantasize about ourselves, we are in touch with our bodies and senses. Getting turned on by oneself does not mean you think you’re better than other people, that you’re selfish, or that you’re not attracted to your partner(s). Rather, it’s one additional tool in your box for sparking desire and passion.”

Which is truly empowering, we must say!

And for more on the famous family, keep on reading to check out their new TV show…