Kourtney Kardashian is well and truly the most interesting to look at.

On Wednesday, Kourtney's health and wellness hustle, Poosh, posted a gorgeous, unedited photo of the reality TV star, cellulite, and all. The picture shows Kourtney walking away from the camera in a daisy bikini thong and strappy, red heels. The caption promoted an interview with Kourt's trainer Jesse O'Hara for at-home Pilates moves "for a rounder rear", just like the forty-two-year-olds.

"Talk about an instant butt lift," it said. "We tapped Kourt's trainer @jesseohara for her top at-home pilates moves for a rounder rear. Link in bio for her tips."

Comments commending the mom-of-3 poured in.

"Unedited, omg I love her," wrote one user.

"Ok finally an unedited kardashian," added another.

A third chimed in saying: "I love that the little dimples were kept! It's so natural and so beautiful."

The Poosh account responded to a fan who said "way to empower the natural women body!!" with, "every body is beautiful."

The eldest Kardashian sister has always been vocal about loving one's self. The forty-two-year-old has been on an incredible journey throughout her life and just last year, she revealed that she was actually "autosexual."

For those of you that might not be aware, being "autosexual" is "experiencing sexual attraction to, or being aroused by, yourself" and Kourtney gave us all a low-down on just how to do that effectively. It doesn't always just have to be sexual, it can be an act as simple as washing yourself lovingly or just allowing yourself to experience things that make you feel good.

I think we could all learn a thing or two from Kourt.

Some of the other Kardashian sisters have also posted "unedited" pictures. Khloe showed off her "stripes" in a cute beach snap a few months ago and was also commended for keeping it real with her fans.

Stretch marks are natural, guys. Don't be ashamed to wear them with pride.