Krispy Kreme Is Selling a Doughnut That Looks Like a Strawberry Supermoon

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Krispy Kreme has just unveiled it’s latest doughnut range that resembles a Strawberry Supermoon!

Krispy Kreme is celebrating the upcoming Strawberry Super-moon with a very special doughnut.

The limited-time doughnut will drop on the same day as the Strawberry Supermoon.

The rare Strawberry Supermoon will appear on Thursday, June 24th.

It is set to be the biggest and brightest full Moon of the summer due to its close orbital position to Earth.

Although the Strawberry Supermoon won’t technically be pink or red, its low position can sometimes give the full Moon a reddish or rose colour, the Sun reports.

The Strawberry Supermoon actually gets its name from the fact that it happens during strawberry harvesting season in the U.S. northeast.

The Krispy Kreme’s special-edition doughnut has taken inspiration from the moons color.

This doughnut will be a Strawberry Krispy Kreme filled doughnut that’s covered in Strawberries and Kreme icing, Elite Daily reported.
And to top it off, the doughnut will even include “moon dust” that’s made out of bits of graham crackers.

Sharing the news on Instagram, Krispy Kreme described them as “out-of-this-world.”

Will you be buying one?