Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s Family Video Sparks Parenting Debate

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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have sparked a huge parenting debate online after they shared a rare family video.

Bell and Shepard are often very private about their family life, and photos and videos of their children are only shared on rare occasions. But, while on a family trip over the last few days, they’ve done just that and as heart-warming as the video is, it has received a lot of criticism.

Shepard shared a video to Instagram showing him driving an RV while his daughter sits at the side of him with her dolls.

As they drove down the road, the dad and daughter could be heard singing their hearts out to Adele’s hit song, “Hello.”

The video, which has also been reposted by Bell, saw Shepard write: “Heaven is a place on a twisty two-lane mountain pass where screaming @adele with your daughter is required.”

Immediately, people took to the video to write how “heartwarming” and “cute” the video is, however, others spotted something else…

Bell and Shepard’s daughter does not appear to be wearing a seatbelt and that certainly sparked a huge debate in the comments.

“And where is her seat belt,” one person questioned.

“Ummm seat belt??? Do love the video,” said another.

“Looks amazing, but please wear a seat belt, the world would be a worse place without you,” a third person added.

Now, despite the many critics who quickly jumped online to slam the pair for their parenting, there could actually be a reason why you can’t see their daughter’s seat belt.

The first one being, it is very possible that the seat belt was simply out of view on the camera due to the high angle at which it is filmed. Or, the family could have been traveling in an older RV that uses lap belts as opposed to shoulder belts.

Currently, Bell and Shepard have not clarified whether their daughter was wearing a seatbelt or not.