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Caitlyn Jenner has shocked viewers across the pond by entering the infamous Australian jungle for the British version of I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.

The transatlantic version of this show usually features British B-list celebrities... And that's about it. So, when news of a Kardashian-Jenner entering the jungle broke, the British public was tremendously excited, although a little...perplexed.

The Brits have been loving Caitlyn's presence on the show so far, and she has done us proud by competing valiantly and expertly in the various trials and tasks.

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Caitlyn Jenner has re-entered the Celebrity jungle.

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Much to everyone's surprise, the reality-TV star has flown out to Queensland, Australia, to take part in the British version of I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.

The British show airs every year in November...

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And, much like our version of the series, it features various famous figures camping out in the Australian rainforest and partaking in gruesome and grizzly "Bush Tucker Trials".

And Caitlyn is no stranger to jungle life...

Back in 2003, over a decade before she transitioned to Caitlyn, she took part in our version of the show, I'm A Celebrity USA.

She competed heroically in the 2003 series.

Though the olympian missed out on the winning spot, she did come in at 4th place.

And, clearly not happy to settle with fourth place...

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Caitlyn has returned to the jungle for round 2.

Caitlyn is the first transgender contestant to take part in the show...

And the British public were simply delighted to hear that such a high-profile name was entering the jungle.

Though only 3 episodes have aired so far...

Caitlyn has been taking everything in her stride and competing like the true Olympic champion she is in the various tasks and Bush Tucker Trials.

The British public have been singing Caitlyn's praises.

And have been impressed at how incredible the reality star looked as she entered the jungle.

Many are marveling at how glamourous Caitlyn looks...

Even when she skydived into the jungle, her pink lipstick and blusher remained intact. Teach us your ways, Caitlyn!

However, all may not be as it seems.

After a rocky couple of days in the camp, fans are growing increasingly concerned for Caitlyn.

Caitlyn got off to a chirpy start...

And eagerly threw herself (literally) into her skydiving challenge with admirable gusto.

However, after her initial glory...

Things became bleak. With other challenge losers, Caitlyn was sent to the Snake Rock camp, which is considerably worse and less glamorous than the other camp... We're talking no proper beds, no hot water, and extremely limited resources.

The first night was rough.

And Caitlyn and the rest of her campmates had a measly meal of beans and rice before turning in for the evening.

She was visibly unsettled...

And was seen waking up and restlessly moving around several times throughout the night.

But then, things came to a boiling point.

The next day, after a rough night's sleep, Caitlyn went into the Bush Telegraph (the campmate's confessional room), and was visibly overcome with emotion.

She broke down into tears.

Addressing the camera, Caitlyn confessed: "Being the first night in the Jungle my head was spinning."

She began to doubt why she had come onto the show in the first place.

Through tears, Caitlyn admitted, “I’m kinda trying to figure out if I’m doing the right thing. I’m seventy years old now and is being in here the right way to use my time?"

And she opened up about missing her family.

Caitlyn, who has very recently become a grandmother, questioned: “Should I be home with my kids, playing with my grandchildren?"

She even hinted at quitting the show...

Caitlyn toyed around with the idea of leaving the jungle early, saying: “I’ve never quit at anything I’ve ever done and I’m thinking maybe it’s time I learned how to do that."

Caitlyn's partner, Sophia Hutchins, has spoken out about what it was like to watch her break down.

The twenty-three-year-old who lives with Caitlyn in Malibu, spoke out yesterday about how shocked she was watching the usually "positive" Caitlyn break down, especially so early on in the show.

Speaking during Tuesday's episode of British morning chat show, Lorraine, Sophia opened up about what it's like to watch Caitlyn struggle.

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She admitted to feeling completely "helpless," watching Caitlyn struggling to adjust to her new surroundings and "felt like getting on a plane to Australia" after watching her get visibly emotional.

Sophia says Caitlyn's emotional break down is very out of character and that it was "gut-wrenching" to see.

She added that it's really unlike the seventy-year-old to get so upset. "The Caitlyn we know is super excited, super positive, super energetic, rarely sheds a tear. So we were all freaked out by that. "It hasn't been easy to watch at all. When there's someone across the globe you feel helpless, to begin with. When you throw in these challenges and see her crying, it's been gut-wrenching." "When I saw her crying the first night, I was just in shock. Everyone that knows her, who I've spoken with, was sending me these messages saying, 'Is she okay, this isn't the Caitlyn we know?"

She went on to say that so far, the whole experience has been very difficult to deal with.

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But she insisted Caitlyn "knew what she was getting herself in for" as her appearance on the show has been in the works for a while. Not to mention she starred on the U.S. version of the show in 2003.

Sophia is optimistic that Caitlyn will push through.

"She probably misses the things we take for granted every day, having a shower… but I think she will pull through."

Despite Sophia being a close part of Caitlyn's family...

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Her immediate family are yet to comment on Caitlyn's adventures in the jungle.

Caitlyn's children have been ignoring the fact that she's in the jungle...

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This is via the public and social media, we must say.

None of the Kardashians have commented on the TV appearance either...

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This goes from ex-wife Kris Jenner to the Kardashian sisters.

The Kardashians aren't Caitlyn's only family...

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She also has 4 other children from her previous marriage but son Brody Jenner admitted he would not be watching as he didn't know anything about the show.

A pretty big family...

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Caitlyn also has Burt and Cassandra from her first marriage to Chrystie Crownover and Kendall and Kylie with Kris, as well as taking on a step-parent role to all of Kris' children.

Just because her family isn't currently posting online...

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It doesn't mean they aren't supporting Caitlyn, but fans seem to think otherwise.

Fans have pointed out how Kylie and Kendall have been consistently promoting their own brands online...

Without a single mention of Caitlyn in the jungle.

Perhaps it's because it's British television?

Kylie has been using her social media to promote her holiday collection for Kylie Cosmetics, while Kendall has been active on Instagram promoting Proactiv skincare, but one would imagine the billionaire siblings would have easy access to British TV?

The silence is rather unusual...

Because let's face it, if it was Kylie in the jungle, there would be floods of support from the family's social media.

Caitlyn is absolutely smashing her time in the jungle...

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Caitlyn has a huge network of supportive fans, and I'm sure that her family is rooting for her... somehow. From the team here at 22 Words... You're doing great, Cait!!