Kylie Jenner and her sister, Kendall, recently took to Instagram to give each other makeovers but, after a couple of tequilas, things got a little bit silly.

While filming a "Drunk Get Ready With Me" video, the sisters experienced a pretty awkward mishap on-camera...

And the video is nothing short of hilarious.

The pair tried to fight back tears as the hysterics broke out...


But there was no holding it back.

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Now, who doesn't know of Kylie Jenner?

Kylie Jenner is the youngest sibling of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, and arguably the most famous now.

She is known for her glamorous and lavish lifestyle...

But she wasn't always like this.

Born in 1997, Kylie is the youngest sibling of the famous family...

But Kylie and her big sister Kendall became the iconic duo in the reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashians when she was just ten-years-old.

The sisters grew up very quickly...

Kendall went on to pursue a successful modeling career and, desperate to not be left behind, Kylie grew up at an alarming pace - starting by altering her entire appearance.

It started with the infamous lip fillers...

Between 2014-2015, Kylie's lips were noticeably fuller and much plumper.

Lip fillers were very much apparent, but Kylie continuously denied having surgery and instead blamed her sudden change in lip size on lip liner alone.

This caused a complete media frenzy.

Kylie eventually admitted to having lip fillers due to her insecurities. But of course, who cares what a person decides to do to their bodies, right?

This began the transformation of the modern-day Kylie Jenner.

Kylie began to look a lot older, very quickly. Her features became much more enhanced, such as a sharper jawline, fuller cheeks, and her body even appeared to take on a much more "hourglass" shape.

She also began to build a career for herself.

Apart from KUWTK and a few modeling jobs, Kylie decided she wanted to take a step down the path of business, so she started her own company in 2015 - Kylie Cosmetics.

Kylie Cosmetics is unbelievably successful.

Within its first eighteen months, Kylie's company made $420 million in sales, and it is estimated that Kylie personally earned $60 million after taxes from her business.

And this week, Kylie showed off her makeup skills with sister Kendall...

But things didn't exactly go to plan.

Viewers were very amused...


Kendall uploaded the video to her Instagram stories, where Kylie can be heard repeatedly saying, "I peed my pants!"


It seems the star accidentally wet herself after looking at the outcome of her drunk makeup look, sporting purple lipstick, a brown hair extension, and yellow blusher.

Kylie could be seen trying to cover her face while Kendall filmed the hilarious reaction.


It's no surprise the pair were a little tipsy, as they were both drinking tequila from Kendall's new line 818 while experimenting with Kylie's new makeup range.

Kylie promoted Kendall's 818 line, while she filmed the recent setup for her shoot...


By the looks of the bottle, they were taking pretty big shots!

She continued to upload pictures and videos to her Instagram Story...


"Filming another youtube video hehe #drunkgetreadywithme," Kylie captioned the pic.

Like most "Drunk Get Ready With Me" videos, they never go to plan...


And while Kendalls first makeup look was downright flawless, it soon took a turn for the worst.

In the clip, Kendall could be seen wiping her tongue, saying: "It's burning my tongue!!! What's in this s**t?!"


Next, Kylie showed off her own makeup meltdown, featuring a bright purple lip, yellow highlighter on her cheekbones, and glittery eyeshadow.

Kylie zoomed in, giving us a better look...


After their video, they both headed to the Kylie Cosmetics headquarters.

Where the pair could be seen rolling around on a white backdrop...


The fun didn't end there, Kylie's assistant drove them both in a neon orange luxury vehicle to the nearest McDonald's.

Kylie explained to her Instagram followers that she has not actually been to a Mcdonalds since "2 weeks before" having Stormi, which is 3 years ago!


"I love McDonald's, so this is a really big deal for me," she admitted.

After getting their food, Kylie decided to rate all of the items they ordered, and the cinnamon rolls were a whopping 9 out of 10.


But that might have just been the tequila talking.

You can watch the whole thing below...

We can't help but love them!

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