Kylie Jenner Boosted Voter Registration by 1,500% With Just One Photo | 22 Words

Kylie Jenner is known for her controversial behavior especially when it comes to her Instagram posts.

But her latest post actually did some good as it influenced a large number of people to register to vote. But the picture itself drew in some controversial remarks...

Take a look for yourselves.

As shocking as this news may seem, Kylie Jenner has a dramatic influence on the world.

The youngest sibling of the Kardashian family is perhaps now the most famous and it's safe to say that the entire world is obsessed with her.

While a lot of people know her for influencing beauty standards...

This time, it's a little different.

And it seems as though the fame has gone to her head.

Because even though her post had a good caption, the picture itself was weird... As are other decisions she makes.

But regardless, the reality star has been very successful.

Since the launch of her makeup brand, Kylie Cosmetics, in 2015, the twenty-two-year-old has earned herself an awful lot of money.

She was even declared as the youngest-ever "self-made billionaire" last year.

Okay, so Kylie isn't actually a billionaire. But she's been estimated by Forbes to be worth around $900 million... so it isn't far off!

Kylie isn't afraid to show off her insane wealth...

And it's clear that the young reality star is living her best life.

But alongside being insanely wealthy...

Kylie is now a mommy with ex-boyfriend and rapper, Travis Scott. Stormi Webster was born on February 1st, 2018 and Kylie managed to keep her pregnancy a secret for the entire 9 months.

Fast-forward nearly 2 years...

And Kylie seems to have settled happily into mom life, as she regularly posts cute photos of herself and Stormi.

The young millionaire regularly shows off Stormi's lavish gifts and birthday parties...

You really don't get more Kardashian than your very own customized private jet and themed birthday festival, right?

However, Kylie is no stranger to backlash...

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And she is constantly making headlines after causing offense or anger in some shape or form - whether that's her excessive spending habits or the way in which she portrays herself.

But even if you don't like it, Kylie has the world in the palm of her hands.

Her influence is immense, especially amongst younger audiences.

First off, she has completely revolutionized the beauty standards of our society.

While generally, people used to favor a slim body, smaller features and petite waists, since Kylie and the rest of her family jumped onto the scene, those standards have been switched.

Now everyone's looking for a voluptuous figure and exceptionally big lips.

Of course, the look wasn't achieved completely naturally by the Kardashian-Jenner clan, and it influenced other people to also go out and get surgeries to look more like them.

And that didn't sit well with parents.

Especially not when their kids were begging them to fork out thousands of dollars to achieve the perfect "Kylie" look.

People have previously questioned why she doesn't use her so-called "power" for good.

But it seems as though she's talking about some important issues.

Recently, the social media star told her fans to register to vote.

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Important. Topical. We love that.

And it definitely had a positive effect on voter registration rates.

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A lot of people decided to take her advice, as the site saw a dramatic 1500% boost from traffic driven via Instagram straight after the post was uploaded.

At least 10 million people liked the post which means they probably read the important caption.

TMZ reported that more than 48,000 users going to the site through Kylie’s profile to, at the very least, read the contents of the voter page.

It said:

"...but are you registered to vote? click the link in my bio.. let’s make a plan to vote together." And with the elections looming upon us, this was the perfect time for Kylie to whip this one out.

But even though the post was meant to be a positive thing, the picture brought in some unwanted attention.

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Here's the full post:

I mean, it's a cute picture, but it's a bit confusing when you take the caption in. But hey, she's enticing people to become voters, and that can only be a positive thing in my eyes. For the controversial shower pic Kim shared with Kylie, scroll on...