Kylie Jenner is known for her controversial behavior especially when it comes to her Instagram posts.

Her latest mishap saw the star try to cover up her mistake, but it was too late. Fans everywhere have been left questioning what she meant by the "offensive" Instagram caption...

Kylie Jenner currently has the world in the palm of her hand.

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The youngest sibling of the Kardashian family is perhaps now the most famous and it's safe to say that the entire world is obsessed with her.

And it seems as though the fame has gone to her head.

As she has been called out on her most "offensive" caption yet.

The reality star has been very successful.

Since the launch of her makeup brand, Kylie Cosmetics, in 2015, the twenty-two-year-old has earned herself an awful lot of money.

She was even declared as the youngest-ever "self-made billionaire" last year.

Okay, so Kylie isn't actually a billionaire. But she's been estimated by Forbes to be worth around $900 million... so it isn't far off!

Kylie isn't afraid to show off her insane wealth...

And it's clear that the young reality star is living her best life.

But alongside being insanely wealthy...

Kylie is now a mommy with ex-boyfriend and rapper, Travis Scott. Stormi Webster was born on February 1st, 2018 and Kylie managed to keep her pregnancy a secret for the entire 9 months.

Fast-forward nearly 2 years...

And Kylie seems to have settled happily into mom life, as she regularly posts cute photos of herself and Stormi.

The young millionaire regularly shows off Stormi's lavish gifts and birthday parties...

You really don't get more Kardashian than your very own customized private jet and themed birthday festival, right?

However, Kylie is no stranger to backlash...

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And she is constantly making headlines after causing offense or anger in some shape or form - whether that's her excessive spending habits or the way in which she dresses.

But the most recent criticisms have come once again from her Instagram...

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After another controversial caption has caused an uproar.

This time fans have well and truly had enough.

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With some getting pretty angry over the whole thing...

The post in question featured a couple of pictures of the star.

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She posed in a black and white bodysuit with her usual stunning backdrop.

Kylie looked gorgeous as always.

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But what caught people's attention the most was her caption.

She first wrote, "Brown skinned girl," before changing it into, "Brown eyed girl."

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Even though she was quick in changing the caption, the damage had already been done.

She was no match for those taking screenshots and re-sharing it online.

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They were rapid.

The backlash was inevitable at this point.

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"Her original comment was 'brown-skinned girl' this girl really delusional," one person said.

While another added: "I know you want to say 'brown skinned girl' so bad."

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"Are we not gonna talk about how Kylie Jenner called herself a brown skinned girl and then changed the caption like we wouldn't notice....," someone else wrote.

One particularly angry individual gave a lengthy comment...

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"Y'all done let these culture vultures get away with so much s**t this h** think she a brown girl.. hoe u is white.. a genetic mu f**kin tation.. changed the caption but b***h it was caught!! Tired of this whole family #KylieJenner black men leave these h**s alone!"

Clearly her fans aren't impressed with the stars choice of words.

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And she doesn't seem to be aware of the stir her words have caused.

Check out the post causing all the commotion below...

It seems like she thought no one would see.

Although she didn't change it quick enough.

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