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When it comes to celebs, we all love to speculate about their private lives - especially when it comes to their relationships. Fans want to know everything - if it's on or off, if a baby's on the way or if marriage is on the cards. Basically, we love to take a peek behind the curtains of our favorites celeb's lives.

And, of course, Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, is no exception.

Her relationship with rapper, Travis Scott, has been widely publicized, with fans waiting in anticipation for the latest update from the young power couple.

And now the pair have sen the internet into full-blown meltdown after releasing a snap of their PlayBoy shoot together. Keep scrolling to see the pic that's got people talking...

Kylie Jenner really does seem to have it all.

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Growing up in one of the world's most famous families, she was bound to live a blessed life. After all, from birth, she was already destined to be richer than most of us will ever be.

Although it has to be said, no member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan goes without.

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Since their reality TV show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, catapulted the family to stardom, they've all enjoyed the finer things in life.

Although Kylie is definitely one of the most famous of the sisters.

Her cosmetics line, Kylie Cosmetics, earnt her the title of Forbes' youngest self-made billionaire ever earlier this year. Although we all know self-made is probably a bit of a stretch.

Anyway, it's clear that Jenner enjoys her cosmetics-induced wealth.

Her Instagram is an ode to her lavish lifestyle. She can be found regularly posting snaps of flash cars, luxurious getaways, yachts, and, of course, high-fashion ensembles.

And it also seems that Jenner has found love.

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The star met her boyfriend, rapper, Travis Scott, in 2017. People first spotted the pair holding hands at the Coachella music festival, which, of course, sparked romance rumors. Over a year later, in an interview with GQ, Jenner revealed that after the rapper's Coachella performance, she decided to go on tour with him and enjoy the new relationship with a bit of privacy.

According to TMZ, a month later, the pair became exclusive.

They were spotted during various outings together, but, most prominently, things got serious when Jenner was seen traveling to Houston to meet Travis' family, followed by watching a Rockets game together before apparently attending an after-party that evening.

A month after going official, the pair took the plunge and got matching tattoos.


They both got tiny butterflies on their ankle - a reference to Scott's song "Butterfly Effect." The fluttery insects have since become an ongoing symbol in their relationship.

Since going Instagram-official, Jenner regularly posts snaps of her man.

When it goes on social media, you know it's serious. The pair seem completely smitten with each other.

They even have a child together.

The pair marked a new chapter in their relationship when, in February 2018, Kylie gave birth to the couple’s first child, a daughter named Stormi Webster.

Despite being in the limelight, the pregnancy was, for the most part, kept a complete secret.

The pair kept the pregnancy under wraps from the prying eyes of the public before eventually releasing a YouTube video titled "To Our Daughter," detailing the pregnancy, along with an Instagram post revealing Stormi's birth that basically broke the internet.

Although some detective fans did suspect that the star was pregnant.

She was papped at a party, with fans noticing a baby bump. But, considering she's literally one of the most famous people of this generation, she did a pretty good job at hiding the whole thing.

But, the relationship has had its rocky patches.

Last year, pictures surfaced of what looked like Travis Scott getting intimate with another woman. Heartbreakingly, this was around the time that Jenner would have been heavily pregnant with Stormi.

Luckily, the snaps were proved to be fake.

Looks like Scott only has eyes for Kylie. Whether you're a fan of the pair or not, it seems like a pretty cruel jibe to mess with someone's relationship like that.

And, of course, the rest of the Kardashian clan spoke out for their little sister.

After the cheating scandal turned out to be caused by a load of pranksters who created the snaps as a joke for a YouTube video, Kim Kardashian took to Twitter to slam the jibe - branding it "disgusting."

Despite the odd fake scandal, the pair always come out on the other side stronger.

There's no denying how loved up they are, with Jenner proudly showing off her family on Instagram. Did we mention how adorable Stormi is?

The couple are also known for spoiling each other.

From renting out entire theme parks to $60,000 necklaces, the pair certainly express their love for each other in the more extravagant of ways.

Even Stormi's caught onto to their luxurious ways.

Jenner shared this snap of her daughter sporting the cutest designer handbag.

Although, recently, the couple landed themselves in bother after Scott's "romantic" gesture.

Ahead of Kylie's birthday, the rapper filled her house with roses, like literally thousands of roses.

But the extravagant gesture drew in a lot of criticism.

Many people thought it was a gross flaunt of wealth, not to mention all the waste the gesture would generate. Although you have to admit, flashy or not, it's obvious that Scott likes to spoil Jenner, especially in the lead up to her 22nd birthday.

So now we've established how smitten the 2 are, the latest snap of the pair comes as no surprise.

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The power couple is set to feature in the upcoming issue of Playboy magazine together.

And it looks like Jenner is following in older sister, Kim's, footsteps...

Kim is no stranger to baring all, and it seems like her beauty mogul younger sister is heading the same way, after she uploaded a snap to her Instagram with beau, Travis, that was part of the pair's upcoming Playboy magazine feature.

The shot left little to the imagination.

We all know what type of images Playboy magazine is renowned for.

Here's the pic in question:

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The summery shot features the loved-up couple embracing each other in a sun-lit garden. But there's also a second snap... keep scrolling to get a glimpse.

Unsurprisingly, it sent the internet into a full-blown frenzy.

As you can imagine, Jenner's Instagram was flooded with comments from both fans and family.

Sister, Khloe Kardashian, had the best reaction.

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She posted a serious of comments under the shot basically expressing how shook she was.

Others had similar reactions.

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It seems like people couldn't get enough of the pair landing the Playboy gig.

Although others weren't as impressed.

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Like this user, who pointed out that the image sent out the wrong message to Kylie's young, female following, who may feel they have to look like that for a guy. "This is just a picture but it encourages so much wrong. Kylie is gorgeous but I wish she would embrace her true self instead of showing others to change themselves."

There may have been mixed reactions, but we anticipate that many are eager to see the full shoot...

For those desperate to get their hands on the magazine to see the full-feature, Playboy's Fall 2019 "Pleasure" issue is available to buy now.

But Kylie hasn't just been hitting the headlines with boyfriend, Travis Scott.

People are obsessed with the way the star looks. From her infamous lips to her figure and ever-changing locks, people can't stop talking about her. After the star posted a snap to her Instagram, people could only notice one thing - and this time it wasn't to do with her physique or her lips... it was about her feet. Yes, people couldn't stop trolling the star's feet, pointing out how weird they looked. Keep scrolling to see what all the fuss is about...