Kylie Jenner Responds Amazingly To Pregnancy Rumors

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After Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner attended the Emmys together, many people have been speculating as to why their youngest sister, Kylie, wasn’t at the glamorous event.

Kylie, not being one to miss out on such a high-profile party, wasn’t seen all evening and has been quiet on her social media platforms – now that’s unheard of.

But when we heard that the reality TV star had been rushed to the hospital, it all made sense. Obviously, that would ignite a whole bunch of rumors about baby number two… However, Kylie was quick to shut them down after a series of very subtle-yet-not-so-subtle Instagram posts.

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Maybe it was a good thing that she avoided the show because the Kardashian-Jenner duo were laughed off the stage. Yikes.

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Why was Kylie not at the event with her sisters? Well, now, it turns out that the reason could be a lot more serious than originally anticipated.

Kylie has apparently become so ill that she has had to check into a hospital in the Los Angeles area.
The twenty-two-year-old reality star has been “suffering” for several days with “an intense illness” that forced her to check into a hospital this week, according to a report from TMZ.

Kylie is not alone, however – she has Caitlyn Jenner by her side as mom, Kris Jenner, is in Paris for fashion week. It is unknown whether her boyfriend, Travis Scott, is with her.

But doctors are reportedly “working hard” to get her healthy again.

Even though she presented symptoms like “nausea” and “dizziness,” we all thought that Kylie would be back on her feet in no time, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

She, along with Kendall and Kris, were set to make an appearance at the launch of her Kylie Cosmetics collaboration with Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing.

In true Kylie style, she decided to post an explanation as to why she wasn’t going to be featuring amongst the star-studded audience at the event.

“Hi, guys! So as you know, I was getting ready to go to Paris for the Balmain show at Paris Fashion Week for the launch of my makeup collab with Olivier.”

“Unfortunately, I’m really sick and unable to travel. I’m heartbroken to be missing this show, but I know that my amazing team, and my friends who are in town for the event, will help me be there in spirit.”

“Creating this collection with Olivier has been a dream. Of course, this collection isn’t just for the runway… I created this so that you could have a piece of this once in a lifetime event. I’m SO proud of this collection and of Olivier, and our friendship, vision, and creativity really comes across in the products we created for you guys.”

“Make sure you guys watch the show with me on Friday. It’s going to [be] an epic event and I can’t wait. I love you Olivier, congratulations, and I’m sending you all my love!!!”

Kylie revealed on Instagram that she had been feeling rough, with her friend, Sofia Richie, popping over to keep her company.

Her Balmain collaboration is set to be her latest beauty venture as she had been posting about it for a while now. And because its official launch was supposed to be at Paris Fashion Week, it seems to be a huge loss for her not being able to attend.

Business ideas will come and go and, for Kylie, this isn’t even enough to dent her career in any way, shape, or form. We just hope that the twenty-two-year-old gets back to her old self in no time.

According to Buzzfeed, and Kylie’s own Instagram, the social media star is now back home.

But I bet she wasn’t expecting this kind of reaction when she logged back into her social media accounts.

Rumors have been circulating that Jenner was actually pregnant as opposed to having contracted the flu.

We’re having trouble piecing it together. Is she? Is she not?

I mean, is it a coincidence that she’s been admitted to hospital seven months after hinting that she and Travis were trying for baby number two? I think not.

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She added the caption: “OK my body is really pulling the f*ck through these days.” And there’s no sign of a baby bump whatsoever.

Last time, we didn’t know until she was even pregnant until three days after she had given birth to Stormi. So who knows? Maybe she’s just very good at using photoshop… We’re just glad Kylie’s back to full health now. And we’re also glad she missed the Emmy Awards because, boy, was that a disaster! If you are still wondering why the Kardashians were practically laughed off the stage, keep scrolling. It’s hilarious!