Kylie Jenner Threw a ‘Handmaid’s Tale’-Themed Birthday Party and People Were Not Happy

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Kylie Jenner’s controversial birthday party that was themed over A Handmaid’s Tale has caused a lot of internet outrage…


In case anybody has been living under a rock for the last year, Kylie has gone through her fair share of “besties”. Since the very public breakup between Kylie and her old best friend, Jordyn Woods as a consequence of Jordyn’s suspicious antics with sister, Khloe Kardashian’s, boyfriend, Kylie has moved on with some old friends, as well as the new.

The minute a face appears on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram, they’re going to be made world-famous instantly. Anastasia, also known as Stassie, has been besties with the Jenner sisters since they were teenagers. Stassie and Kylie have always been close, and since the birth of Kylie’s first child last year, the pair seem to have become even more inseparable.

Kylie’s baby daughter, Stormi, was born last year, and Stassie was there by Kylie’s side as she transitioned into life in the spotlight as a young mom.

Stassie has always made the odd appearance on Kylie’s Insta, but since Jordyn Woods was canceled, the blonde bombshell has been deemed as a fitting replacement.

We can’t deny that the Kardashian and Jenner clan know what they’re doing when it comes to throwing parties. Being one of the world’s wealthiest families is definitely in their party-throwing favor, of course…

A Kardashian-Jenner party is always the talk of Instagram.

If there’s a Kardashian-Jenner party about to happen, Instagram will be the first to know. Every part of these parties is documented religiously through popular social media apps, such as Snapchat and Twitter. A recent example would be Stormi’s first birthday party, which wasn’t over the top at all…

Kylie threw Stassie a Kardashian-Jenner-sized birthday bash for her twenty-second last week and its theme was one to be questioned…

It was a The Handmaid’s Tale theme…

Kylie decided to base the party’s theme around the dystopian book-turned-TV-series, The Handmaid’s Tale. We can only assume that Stassie is a fan of the show.

Created by Bruce Miller, The Handmaid’s Tale is based on the 1985 novel by Margaret Atwood. Set in a dystopian future, the series follows the story of a woman forced to live as a concubine under a fundamentalist dictatorship.

The series has been renowned for its hard-hitting viewing style, and its portrayal of oppression and sensitive subjects such as rape and violence.

Kylie’s playful and even “sexy” portrayal of the series for her party isn’t exactly responsible… The show is brutal and hard-hitting and it demonstrates violence towards women.

Many have taken to the internet with their anger and offense at the theme, and have branded the billionaire’s party as insensitive and even “disturbing”.

One user expressed her disbelief at Kylie’s choice of a theme, and I have to say. I find myself pondering the same thing…

Especially with the current issues surrounding women’s rights, you’d think that Kylie would perhaps have other options for the party’s theme?

Kylie took to Snapchat to document her time at the party and to let the world see how much fun she and her friends were having.

Totally tone deaf.

Jenner has since been branded as “Tone Deaf” from the insensitivity of her party in this current day and age.

It was a very lavish event…

Stassie’s bash, which was attended by the likes of Sofia Richie, was far from mediocre. The iconic red cloaks were provided for all guests, and the cocktails were even named in accordance, such as “Praise Be Vodka” and “Under His Eye Tequila”. Yikes.

Could this party be any more insensitive?

Kylie’s Instagram story showed her referring to a male guest as “Commander,” and adding “of” in front of a female guest’s name; a common practice throughout the series used to refer to whoever owned the handmaid.

The “self-made billionaire” clearly had no idea about the symbolism and history of the red and white cloaks, or how much offense that she actually caused; she’s obviously very uneducated as to what the TV series stands for and represents.

The “self-made” billionaire has had a ridiculous amount of backlash in terms of her privilege, and the fact she isn’t self-made at all. She really doesn’t help herself on social media sometimes in terms of this backlash…

Kylie is well known to take to Instagram to flaunt her lavish, and extremely expensive, lifestyle that consists of mansions and designer clothing which, let’s face it, the majority of women in the world can only dream of having or experiencing. The flaunting of this lush lifestyle grounds the majority of her 137 million followers, but there are still many out there who disagree with this “showing off”.

Personally, I really don’t feel like Kylie helps herself with this backlash when she displays her privilege and wealth on social media on a daily basis. The world will always need someone to vent their anger and frustrations on to, and it looks like Kylie has landed herself in this one… again.

Maybe, just for now, try not to throw parties worth hundreds of thousands of dollars that poke fun at women’s rights and the oppression and hardships thaty women have endured for hundreds of years? Just a thought…