Kylie Jenner Washes Her Face and Gets Savaged Online | 22 Words

Ah, the Kardashian/Jenners... not a moment seems to go by wherein there's not some kind of drama, scandal, or backlash. They're always hitting the headlines for something - and usually, it's all for the wrong reasons.

This news comes courtesy of Miss Kylie Jenner - the youngest of the reality family clan. The star has been in the spotlight a lot recently, especially given her reported split from beau, Travis Scott.

But, this time, it's not her relationship that's got people talking, but the manner in which she washes her face!

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It's no secret that the Kardashian-Jenners aren't exactly stuck for cash.

Due to their reality television found-fame, they’ve all enjoyed a super-luxe lifestyle, with all the clothes, cars, jewelry, and vacations that anyone could ask for.

But Kylie Jenner is arguably the most successful sibling.

She may be the youngest, but the star has built quite the empire for herself.

She's lived an extremely blessed life.

From birth, she’s essentially been able to make money just by rights of her name. While growing up in the public eye is likely no picnic, it certainly means that money is one worry she doesn't have to think about.

In fact, earlier this year, she was named as the youngest self-made billionaire.

Beating out the previous title holder, Mark Zuckerberg. Although we have to be honest, self-made is probably a bit of a stretch.

Although many people weren't happy with her title.

via: Instagram

Several people called out Forbes for using the term "self-made" to describe Jenner, pointing out that, if it wasn't for her famous family, she would never have had the head start she's had when it comes to the big bucks.

Her staggering net worth gives her the highest income of any of her famous siblings.

And there's one thing, in particular, she has to thank for it...

The reality star turned full-blown beauty mogul when she launched her cosmetics line in 2015.

Kylie Cosmetics launched 4 years ago and is one of the most successful and fast-growing beauty companies at the moment; it has certainly earned Kylie a pretty penny!

And it's clear that Kylie enjoys the finer things in life.

She has a pretty exceptionally lavish lifestyle, much of which she documents on her social media accounts.

From jealousy-inducing getaways to designer ensembles...

...there truly isn't anything she can't, or doesn't, have.

It seems even her daughter has followed in her lavish footsteps.

One-year-old Stormi donned a designer handbag in a snap Jenner posted to her Instagram earlier this year.

But what people don't take kindly to is those who show-off their wealth.

It's long been considered "distasteful."

But that's exactly what Jenner was accused of doing last week.

It's no secret that the star likes keeping fans updated on her luxury vacations and fancy cars over on her Instagram.

But now people think she's taken her lavish spending too far...

Jenner found herself coming under fire after she posted an Instagram video of her new Bugatti Chiron.

The car cost an eye-watering $3 million...

via: YouTube

After taking to Instagram to show off her new car, fans weren't impressed and called the star out for flaunting her wealth.

It's an addition to an already flash car collection...

The twenty-two-year-old already owns two Range Rovers, a Rolls-Royce, a Ferrari, a Porsche, and a Lamborghini.

But it seems people weren't happy with her showing off her latest purchase.

via: YouTube

After uploading the video, people flocked to the comments to call her out. "Meanwhile, there's people struggling to make ends meet and feed themselves," wrote one user, while another person commented: "I'm happy for her but damn when is enough enough?"

It bears resemblance to this iconic moment...

via: Twitter

At least Kim understands.

Following the backlash, Jenner took down the video.

But it's since been uploaded onto YouTube by several people.

Here it is:

It does seem a little unnecessary, that's for sure.

But now there's another controversy.

This time, it isn't her wealth, but her company Kylie Skin, that's landed her in hot water (sorry). In a recently resurfaced video, Kylie can be seen advertising her facewash by giving her face a little scrub.

But people have noticed something very strange.

via: Kylie Jenner Twitter

So what happens in the video? Kylie spurts foam on her hands, Kylie scrubs the foam into her face, Kylie washes the foam off, Kylie uses a fluffy white towel to dry her face. So what exactly is it that's annoying people?

People are saying she doesn't use her own products.

The reason people are aggravated is that when she dries her face, there is a massive smudge of foundation on the towel. Viewers aren't happy one bit as they're saying Kylie is advertising products she doesn't use, and products which can cause more harm than good. One Twitter user described it as 'how you wash your face when you can afford new skin'.

Many people blasted Kylie.

One wrote:
What’s off to me about Kylie Skin is the fact that she’s selling products she clearly doesn’t even use. Rich bitch goes to expensive dermas lmao. She washed her face for literally SECONDS and her foundation was all over the towel. If I did that my acne would be popping lol
Another explained:
Lmao this is such lazy content! Sis has on a filter so you can't see her skin, washed her face for 0.5 seconds and has the audacity to have foundation on the towel and still post it!!!

Oh dear.

So if there's anything you can take from this it's 1) don't wash your face for 0.5 seconds, give it a good minute at least. And 2) don't believe everything you see on the internet. Everyone is doing everything for money.