Kylie Jenner’s Fans Have a New Theory About Her Baby — and There’s a Huge Twist

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The Kardashian family is a cultural phenomenon.

In 1,000 years (assuming the Earth still exists at that point), anthropologists are going to look at the media we consumed throughout the 21st century and wonder what the heck we were all thinking when it came to the Kardashians. Somehow, humanity has acknowledged the fact that we don’t really care at all about them and yet are simultaneously low-key obsessed with everything they do.

Case in point is the fact that you clicked on this article to read it. You don’t actually care about Kylie Jenner’s as-yet-unconfirmed pregnancy, do you? And yet, here you are.

Like we said, they’re a cultural phenomenon.

Now, onto the latest on Kylie’s as-yet-unconfirmed pregnancy. People are pretty sure they’ve solved the mystery…and there’s a huge twist.

She and her boyfriend Tristan Thompson are expecting a child in 2018. Finally. We’ve been waiting for this confirmation ever since the rumors started going around a few months ago. In case you’re keeping track (and you are), that’s two confirmed new members of the Kardashian family: Kim and Kanye’s baby (who is being delivered via a surrogate) and now Khloé and Tristan’s. But what about Kylie? Rumors of her own pregnancy dropped before the ones about Khloé’s did.

Everyone in the picture looks totally fab and denim-clad, but even that can’t distract us from the mystery at hand. We have a few questions.

Why wasn’t Kylie included in the family Christmas photo? Is it because she’s definitely pregnant and didn’t want to confirm it this way? Is it because she’s not pregnant and wants to keep us guessing?

If we’re being honest, we actually have a lot of questions about this photo.

Look, the Kardashian family is well within their rights to post a photo with ONLY SOME of their family members included. But there are going to be questions.

As you can see, she was buying tampons. That’s a pretty odd thing for a pregnant woman to be buying, right? Well, the super sleuths of the Internet think they may have finally solved the Kylie Pregnancy Puzzle. Their conclusions might surprise you…

As grainy as the photos are, they’re the best evidence we’ve seen of a pregnant Kylie. But those pictures aren’t exactly recent…

@bradleyxo soon posted an update saying that the photos of a very pregnant Kylie were actually taken in September.

Thus, *Duh Duh DUHHHHHHHH* Kylie may have already had her baby.

It’s not the craziest theory we’ve come across. It would also probably explain Kylie’s absence from so many of the Kardashians’ posts — including the Christmas card. Maybe she was too busy momming it up with her newborn child to put on a pair of jeans and pose with the fam.

There has to be more to this whole story, right? We’re actually pretty big fans of this conspiracy theory. Imagine the effect it would have it Kylie just walted into fram in an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians holding her own baby without ever confirming the pregnancy in the first place.

What do you think? Did Kylie already give birth to her little bundle of joy, or is the family still waiting to confirm the pregnancy? OR is she maybe not pregnant at all?! Let’s hope we find out soon. The suspense is (somehow) kind of killing us.