Labrador Gives Birth to 14 Puppies in Biggest Ever Litter in History of the Breed | 22 Words

A heroic labrador has somehow birthed a litter of fourteen puppies, the biggest ever in the history of the breed... And, as you can imagine, the photos are insanely adorable.

One legendary labrador has this week achieved the impossible.

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The pooch has somehow managed to give birth to the biggest litter of puppies in the history of the breed... And the house is now swarming with labrador pups.

And, as you can imagine...

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They are ridiculously cute, and everyone is wanting one of the pups for themselves.

Because it's safe to say that dogs are one of the world's most popular pets.

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These lovable and loyal companions make the perfect household pets, and it also helps that they’re so damn cute.

They truly are man, and woman's, best friend.

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Whether they’re causing mischief, giving us those puppy eyes when they want a treat, or taking up the entire sofa, many of us couldn’t live without our 4-legged companions.

And these pooches are pretty much what unites the internet.

There’s one thing it seems we can all agree on – our canine pals are too good for this world.

The internet is simply awash with adorable pictures, videos, and stories of dogs...

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And their soft and gentle natures capture hearts all around the world.

So, of course, when the news broke of a huge labrador litter...

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The internet truly lost its mind.

6-year-old black lab, Bella, shocked her owner when she gave birth to the gigantic litter...

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Now, most dogs birth litters of between 5 and 6 puppies, which is enough of a handful.

But, for her fourth litter...

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She went and defied all the odds.

Bella is one heroic mother.

Because she somehow birthed fourteen healthy pups.

This is the largest litter in the history of the breed.

Way to go, Bella!

Her owner, Hazel, was understandably shocked by the litter.

Hazel, thirty-one, and a registered dog breeder, had expected Bella to produce the usual litter of around 6-8 puppies... But how wrong she was.

None of Bella's scans had hinted at such a large number of pups...

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Speaking to local media, Hazel, who lives in Cambridgeshire, England, said,"Bella was scanned when she became pregnant but the numbers are never right and we certainly were not expecting fourteen!"

Through her 7 hour labor, the puppies just kept coming.

"I think this is one of the biggest labrador litters in history and probably the biggest ever in England."

On the long labor, Hazel said:

"I just could not believe it when they just kept coming. I had to wake my partner up to help me clean the pups because they were coming so fast."

And, remarkably, all the pups were born in excellent health.

Bella gave birth to a total of 4 black boys, 4 black girls, 3 yellow boys, and 3 yellow girls.

But even the color of her pups has come as a surprise to Hazel.

"She always has all blacks with just one yellow, but she gave birth to a mixture of blacks and yellow this was a surprise."

But they are simply the most adorable little things.

Just look at them... Can I adopt all fourteen?

Though dinner times look a little bit chaotic...

I have to give it to Hazel, that's a rather impressive setup.

Bravo, Bella!

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