Lady Gaga Looks Unrecognizable in Make-Up Free Selfies from over the Years | 22 Words

Lady Gaga is one of the biggest pop icons of this generation. But amongst her successful singing and acting career, the star is also known for her outlandish fashion sense - so much so that it's become one of the biggest components of her identity.

The star is now pretty much the chameleon of the fashion and beauty world. Whether its raw meat, a Kermit the Frog ensemble, or sophisticated red-carpet-ready Valentino Haute couture, the singer, actress, and activist really knows how to make a statement.

But, after making a name for herself for being notoriously and unapologetically unique, she still rocks a totally natural look when she feels like it.

Keep scrolling to take a look at the star's make-up free snaps from over the years.

You won't believe how amazing she looks in number 1...


Lady Gaga is a singing and acting sensation.

Gaga was born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta in 1986, in New York City and has gone on to rise in the ranks of the celebrity world as one of the most unconventional and unique artists of this generation.

She burst into the charts in 2008.

The star made her mainstream breakthrough with her grammy-nominated single "Just Dance," which propelled her to commercial and musical stardom.

But she quickly became known for something other than her music...

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Her eccentric, outlandish fashion sense became a huge part of her identity and something that she quickly started being known for.

Her eccentric looks always turn heads.

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She is always reinventing herself; whether it's changing her hair, make-up, or wearing 10-inch heels, no one can pull off memorable looks quite like Gaga.

How can we forget this jaw-dropping fashion moment?

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Whether you think it's gross or quite an iconic fashion statement (we're guessing the former), when Gaga stepped out on the red carpet of the 2010 MTV Music Awards in a dress made entirely of raw meat, she definitely stole the show. It was certainly a boundary-pushing look and it definitely changed the game when it came to red-carpet fashion, although, we doubt we're likely to see anyone else donning prime steak down the red-carpet anytime soon.

Or what about the time that she turned up in a giant egg?

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In 2011, Gaga arrived at the Grammy Awards inside a large fake egg, carried by her assistants. It was a pretty bonkers fashion move, but Gaga managed to pull it off.

We were always on the lookout for what outrageous ensemble the star would step out in next.

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Whether she's dressing as her male alter ego, Jo Calderone, dressed head-to-toe in Alexander McQueen, or donning a mermaid-esque seashell bra, the star unapologetically expresses herself through her make-up and fashion looks.

Even her street style made headlines...

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She certainly doesn't shy away from unusual looks, even if it's just going out for groceries.

But Gaga doesn't just do "weird..."

In fact, the star has pulled off several more paired-back looks over the years, too.

Much to the shock of critics, that is...

After building such a reputation for being hugely eccentric, whenever the star stepped out looking less, well, Gaga, people were understandably shocked.

The star recently made her big-screen debut.

The music powerhouse played an aspiring singer called Ally who's seemingly lost all motivation when it comes to her music career. So, basically, she couldn't be further away from Gaga.

For the movie, when it came to make-up, there was one specific request...

Gaga went make-up free for a large part of the film, as co-star and director, Bradley Cooper, believed that it would benefit her performance.

It was the first time that many of us had seen such a stripped-back Gaga.

After seeing meat dresses, sky-high wigs, and towering stilettos for a decade, seeing a fresh-faced Gaga in all her glory was certainly a turn of events.

Although, the star has been showcasing make-up free snaps on her Instagram for quite some time.

Despite her outlandish persona, the star is no stranger to laying it bare on her Instagram.

So, take a look at the top fifteen make-up free snaps that the star has posted over the years.

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She looks completely unrecognizable...

15. Kick back and relax.

Gaga gave us some real relaxation envy after posting this pic 4 years ago.

14. Peroxide chic.

Gaga gave us a glimpse into her vigorous hair care routine with this make-up free salon selfie.

13. Bath time.

A fresh-face Gaga, who, at the time donned bleached eyebrows (would we expect anything less from the queen of making statements?), captured a quick snap before hopping into the bath after a long day at the office.

12. Make-up free and in love.

The star showcased that loved-up glow as she posed for a selfie with her former fiance, Taylor Kinney, whom she was with for several years.

11. Thanksgiving dinner.

The singer opted for a paired-back vibe as she shared an image in the kitchen during Thanksgiving celebrations, although we can't help but notice how good that food looks, too.

10. Morning selfie.

While promoting her 2016 album, Joanne, the star took to Instagram to share a pic with her "J" mug. Despite sporting gold earrings and hat (her trademark look at the time), there wasn't a hint of make-up in sight.

9. A touch of morning Carpool Karaoke.

The star posted a video of her singing "Sinners Prayer," one of the singles from her album, Joanne, while taking a morning drive. Though we only see her eyes during the vid, it's clear that there's not a drop of make-up on her face.

8. All about the brows.

The star looked natural while donning bold brows as she snapped a quick selfie during her world tour.

7. Superbowl celebrations.

The star made one of her biggest career leaps when she performed at the Superbowl half-time show in 2017, so, the singer took a moment to thank her fans for their support and love in this make-up free post.

6. Long day on set.

Showcasing her newly brown hair, Gaga still looked radiant after a hard day working on set.

5. That grocery store glow.

In a very relatable photo, while running errands, the pop sensation posed in a casual ensemble showing off her clear complexion.

4. Fresh-faced meditation.

Following a live-stream wherein she encouraged her fans to meditate with her - which she claims massively helps improve her mental health - the star uploaded a side by side snapshot from the event, laying in what looks like her bed and obviously sporting a make-up free face.

3. Inner beauty.

Gaga shared a message of gratitude to fans following the tragic death of her friend, Sonja. "Truly it's the best parts of you on the inside that you choose generously to share with your sister or brother that makes you beautiful. That's what counts. That is your legacy. That is how you leave your mark. "Transferring your positive energy to those around you, and watching it multiply," she wrote.

2. A Star Is Born.

Her natural beauty and sensational vocals took center stage during the award-winning movie, which saw Gaga regularly go make-up free.

1. Pre-Oscar prep.

Taking the top spot is this stunning snap, captured before the star got glammed up for the annual Academy Awards earlier this year. The star wore eye-watering Tiffany diamonds while sporting a bare face. We can't get enough. And when it comes to turning heads, the star's Met Gala look (or looks should we say) were certainly no exception. Keep scrolling to see the magnificent entrance that the star made to the event...