Lady Gaga Fans Are Only Just Realizing How Rude The Lyrics to ‘Poker Face’ Are

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Gaga fans: you’ve been singing one of the star’s best-known songs wrong this whole time.

That’s right, after thirteen years, people are now finding out the real lyrics behind one of Lady Gaga’s most iconic songs. Keep scrolling to find out what she’s actually been singing all these years…

People have been left shocked, to say the least.

After they found out the X-rated lyrics to “Poker Face”…

Now, the release of The Fame in 2010 is considered to be Gaga’s breakthrough.

Singles such as “Poker Face” and “Just Dance” reached number 1 in the U.S, Canada, Australia, and the U.K.

And she is now best known for hits such as “Bad Romance,” “Telephone,” “Born This Way,” and of course, “A Million Reasons.”

Her ever-changing style over the years is something that truly put her on the map.

Nope, that’s not getting forgotten about any time soon!

Lady Gaga has had a couple of acting stints, such as starring in American Horror Story and A Star is Born.

She even owns her own beauty brand. Is there anything this woman can’t do?

And she is known for being super supportive and considerate of her worldwide fan base – which is one of the many reasons as to why people love her so much.

And it’s no secret that her self-made success has benefitted her family greatly.

So, of course, fans have been shocked to find out that they’ve been singing the wrong lyrics to one of her groundbreaking songs…

Although you might wish you’d never found out what she was really singing all these years…

The lyrics to Lady Gaga’s Poker Face actually go:

“Po-po-po-poker face, fu-fu-f*** her face (Mum-mum-mum-mah), Po-po-po-poker face, fu-fu-f*** her face (Mum-mum-mum-mah).”

Yep… “F*** her face.”

One Twitter user was shook, writing: “I’m today years old when I found out the real lyrics to ‘Poker Face’ – childhood ruined.”

The revelation happened after TikTok made the song viral…

Once again leading to millions streaming the iconic tune.

And on Facebook they were equally as shocked, one mom wrote she’d been singing along to the song with their child, writing: “Someone said to Google ‘Poker Face’ (Lady Gaga) lyrics. It’s not po po po po poker face!!!”

“I’ve been screaming this out and blasting it out on the telly with my six-year-old daughter!! Search it. I’m Done with parenting!! It’s not for me.”

Another commented:

I was today years old when I found out what the lyrics to ‘Poker Face’ actually were and I’m traumatized I SANG THIS AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS AT THE RIPE AGE OF 7.”

Lady Gaga herself has revealed this to be true…

Back in 2009, she admitted on KIIS FM radio station, one of the only ones to censor her lyrics for the song, was correct.

She said:

“KIIS FM is the smartest radio station in the whole world and I’ll tell you why. Because this song got played all over the world on tens of thousands of radio stations, but KIIS FM was the only one that said I had to censor my lyric because they thought I might be saying something bad.
“And out of all the radio stations in the world that played this record over and over, KIIS FM was the only one that was right and caught on.”

Check out the music video below…

Well there you have it, our lives have been a lie.
Keep scrolling for more on the star, including an update about her stolen pooch…