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Landlords have a pretty tough job. They deal with loud parties, late rent, smelly tenants, and giant holes in the wall from who knows what. If you have good tenants, then yes, life as a landlord is good and easy. But we do not live in a perfect world and sometimes tenants can be the absolute worst. You just never know what you're going to get in the game of roommate roulette.

Landlords are labeled as strict, serious characters in movies and TV shows, but in reality, they are just people trying to do their job and get all the business taken care of. But, after hearing these landlord horror stories, I can understand why some of them may act a little tense.

From things like lighting an entire building on fire to having goats in the bathroom to breeding huskies in the house, landlords have seen it all and lived to tell the story. Landlords are modern day heroes who collect money and handle drama and business. It's all in a day's work.

Being a landlord is not an easy job.

Landlords are often seen as the bad guy, always ruining a good time or getting frustrated with your tenants. And why do they keep bugging me about rent every single month?!

They play multiple roles.

Sometimes, they feel like a parent. Other times, they feel like a cop. After these stories, you can see how in most cases, they have to be the good guy and the bad guy.

It really is not all fun and games.

It's a messy job and not everyone can do it. If you were ever thinking of being a landlord before, these next few stories might convince you otherwise. Some landlords on Reddit decided to share their weirdest experiences and they did not hold back on the good, the bad, and the very, very ugly.

The infamous gap.

My neighbours rented their place. They decided to do some reno(vation)s without notifying the landlord. He's a cool dude, and I don't think he would have minded too much, but these were serious renos. My neighbors knocked out a wall, added a patio, before rupturing a pipe. That's when we found out they had hired friends to do all the work and were "fixing" the house with plywood they got from the dump. The space between the patio and the back wall included a 75 cm gap, which they said just to jump over. They have three-year-old twins.

A truly shocking electrician.

My parents rented an apartment at a very reasonable rate to an electrician in return for him doing minor maintenance.

The guy somehow rewired the incoming electricity so that it came from our parents' electric meter instead of his. Their bill shot up over double (almost triple!) - and he claimed to know nothing about it.

The mysterious dog-breeder.

I managed a 6 unit apartment building at one point and the person who moved in the 3rd floor was an absolute nightmare...I couldn't get access to and none of the other residents ever saw the guy. They knew he was up there because of the noise and more importantly, the smell. Eventually, I got him out.

When I went in there the smell was almost overwhelming. Turns out he was breeding huskies in the apartment. 5 months, breeding huskies, never taking them out, never taking the garbage out.


The door smashers.

Parents rented a 5 bed 2 bath house when we temporarily moved away. They had it for 2 years. They broke every door. Not even the attic door was undamaged. It was literally a painted piece of plywood.

Neighbors all installed privacy fences after the renters were held at gunpoint by cops too many times in the backyard. They stopped paying rent and still thought they'd get the deposit back when they left.


Blazing bacon grease.

My parents owned an apartment building for 35 years. We’ve had both great and terrible tenants. About 6 months after they sold it, a tenant was smoking on the wooden patio on the upper level. He threw the lit cigarette into a bucket of discarded bacon grease and used lard, it lit up the roof immediately and the whole building burned up. Everyone got out alive. -livelife0911

The paranoid cousin.

One of the worst experiences I've had was when I had to kick my cousin out who was living in the house for years for half the rent I usually charge and he knew he would never get a better deal elsewhere for a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom house close to the school where his kids go. I had given him ample time to move out since I wanted to sell it but when a potential buyer wanted to inspect it, he called the police on the real estate agent. Fortunately, I was there at the time to sort it out but I've never had police come over before.

The bed bug boyfriend.

My husband manages student residence for a university, so he's a quasi-landlord. He recently had to treat a students' residence for bedbugs, again. They usually ask if they think they're being brought in by someone else, being the second time treating for bedbugs the question gets asked again.

'Would my girlfriend staying over be the issue? Her apartment has bedbugs.'


The demanding hoarder.

My friend had a tenant who was a hoarder and she wouldn't let him in to look at a leaking pipe (she had installed another lock) but wanted him to pay for someone to come and fix it. He just called the cops and said something along the lines of "my tenant has locked me out of my property". She was forced to let him in and eventually got evicted but took 2 months to move out and did not pay rent the last 2 months either and, AND demanded her deposit back after causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to the place. -citizen42701

Don't be fooled by college girls.

A group of college girls who were just... nasty. After they left, went in to find not only food left out that were probably in the process of evolving legs. And a used Nuva Ring in the fridge. Yep. A used Nuva Ring, the contraceptive ring you put up your hooha. The fridge itself was so bad (somehow lasagna and other nameless substances being stuck to the sides, green, blue, black, pink with mold--like a Monet painting but somehow less impressive) that instead of trying to clean it, I threw it out and got a new one. -lunchesandbentos

That crazy lady.

I do maintenance for a bunch of apartments. A lot of crazies live there. One lady has all her walls covered in neatly taped pieces of paper with numbers and writing on them. She also wears a garbage bag as a hat when it's cold and socks on her hands. There are is also a literal inch of dust from tissues next to her tissue box. -BrigandsYouCanHandle

The worst kind of person.

In an apartment complex, a girl hadn't paid her rent for the month. Sent her a bunch of response. We go in after the allotted time to make sure she's not dead and see if she's just abandoned the property (a more likely scenario, thankfully). We walk in and the place has been cleared out except for trash everywhere and a destroyed futon laying upside down in the living room. We walk in and here comes, running, a bone-thin black lab puppy. He is literally so excited to see us.

The POS girl just left her puppy in the abandoned apartment without any food or water except a torn to shreds bag of dog food and a licked clean bucket of water.


Breaking Bad IRL.

Friend of mine rented to people who ran a meth house. His house was closed off with hazmat stuff. Insurance wouldn’t cover it. He had to pay thousands of dollars to clean the walls, have it repainted, everything out of the building, new flooring, and more. -krispykremedonuts

A crazy knife fight.

There was a 20 something girl whose boyfriend went to prison. When he got out, he went straight back to her apartment to find her sleeping with another guy. The 2 guys started fighting with knives, and the new one got stabbed and the girl ran into the bathroom to call the police. New boyfriend ran away, and an old boyfriend took a can of gas and spilled it all over the floor. He set it on fire and ran away, trying to kill the girl, but luckily she managed to run out, although she was pretty badly burned. The whole place ended up burning down, but luckily everyone was fine and insurance covered it.


The rollerblading kid.

Nice people, but they let their kid roller-blade in their apartment, which was just above mine, and would not stop despite my requests. When I did not renew their lease, they were surprised. -Osiris62

The high neighbors.

This happened a couple years ago. Our tenants decided that it would be cool if they grew marijuana in our house, before it became legal. To do this, they destroyed our AC and installed heatlamps to grow the weed 24/7. Now, we had like monthly checkups on our house. The first thing we noticed was that the AC was not working in specific rooms. We hired a guy to fix them (as it was our house, and thought it wasn't their fault). Apparently, they would destroy the AC right after we fixed them.  -AllLag

The goat lady.

She had been keeping a goat in the laundry room! Even the ceiling was brown...She left the place with heaps of trash. We found a mother cat with kittens abandoned on a sofa in the living room. (She was a veterinary assistant who had come with references from the vet. Geeez.) -beyondtheridge

The lizard guy.

My stepmother had owns a few units as well. She has some stories. The best was the guy with probably 14 lizard tanks in a one bedroom apartment. They were all heated. She had wondered why that unit used so much energy. -Ice_Burn

The greasy tenant.

I don't know how he did it, but after some 'student' moved out the whole kitchen was covered w about an inch-thick layer of grease. -Bolzenschneider

An overall nightmare.

I have 3 townhomes I rent out. We have a company that manages them so I don’t have to deal with people. One tenant, we rented to because of a sob story... 

We had to have a plumber our several times because of so much hair down the drain. We had to replace the brand new stove because they kept setting it on fire. Their kids drew on the walls, in pen, paint, and markers.


When sh*t hits the fan.

Another tenant, who was in rough shape physically and mentally, had poop on his bathroom walls and ceiling, as well as his clothes. He never bathed and his apartment smelled really bad. -BrigandsYouCanHandle

The haunted apartment.

My favorite was the guy who got his apartment inspected after reports were made of smoke coming from inside. The landlord walked in and saw no furniture anywhere. There were tons of little contained fires with kindling and newspaper all over the place. Apparently, the tenant had been performing strange religious rituals and was convinced demons were after him. -cowtown456

That guy who thinks he's a famous painter.

The last tenant we had in the house thought he was awesome at DIY. I'll admit the house was dated but what he did was terrible. He painted a door bright red, looked like nail polish. He painted the skirting board in the darkest room dark blue...Painted some of the kitchen cupboards with wall paint. Everything but the skirting board you could scratch off with your nails. That was also a fun time redoing his work. -meadowlarked

The cemented bathtub.

The couple and their two teenage kids seemed nice enough when we met them. They kept bouncing checks to me and ended up never paying anything after the initial security deposit and first/last month's rent. We ended up having to go thru the courts to get an eviction and getting a sheriff to actually get them out of the house. To make matters worst, they trashed the place before they left. They ripped the ceiling fans out and stole them, smashed toilets, cracked multiple windows, poured cement down a bathtub, giant holes in the drywall, the whole backyard was ruined, and took the kitchen appliances with them. -Crustybooger31

The "vegan" roommate.

Our last tenant was quite a case..He claimed to be an art student and a Buddhist and a vegan (which we aren't, but it's relevant to the story)...weird sh*t started happening: a package of pork chops disappeared from our fridge, an unknown pair of socks appeared in my room, coins got stolen...every time something happened we would relay it to the new guy to see if he'd noticed anything weird, which of course he hadn't. And then...he slowly disappeared. -ilara11

Your worst nightmare.

Apparently I've had two pornos filmed independently by two different people in my house while I was out of town. Tenants didn't even know each other, somehow both stumbled upon the opportunity randomly.

Oh deer, this guy is crazy.

A guy we evicted hid discarded deer parts under the bathroom vanity and kitchen cabinets. -thegirlstoodstill

They mysterious breaking chairs.

I have no horror stories except this mystery; the dining chairs were always broken. Every year, I had to replace wooden dining chairs that had broken legs and seats. Finally, I bought big, new, thick wood farm chairs for the dining area. 8 months later my caretaker says, "Everything is good, except several chairs have broken legs" WTF? -roskybosky

The king of trash.

...He had been stacking trash in every room to the ceiling. You couldn't even get the bathroom door open because of the trash bags stuffed in there. Rats had built a huge nest in a few places and chewed holes through the floor as a fast way to get out. I always remember going into the bedroom and seeing the bed, you could see where he slept because there was a slim space on his bed where he curled up to sleep and trash covered the other side. -

Chimney full of trash.

Not exactly a landlord, but a son of landlords. When I was 9 or 10, a tenant had gotten into some argument with us and proceeded to trash the entire property. We’re talking trash stuffed up the chimney, scratches all over the living room, to name a few. -SirCC_

Mice were the least of their problems.

The main bedroom was just a mattress on the floor and a dresser with food, drug items, and dirty clothes everywhere. They went as far as to stick yogurt lids to the walls and write nazi symbols everywhere. The second bedroom, which looked to be the infant and toddlers room was filled with more dirty diapers and cigarette butts in the crib... They also had drug paraphernalia everywhere. Pot plans in the closets, dirty needles and little empty pouches of who knows what. Both sinks in the house were clogged and unusable, the toilet had sh*t all around it and we found several mice living all through the house.

Burning rubber.

We had one tenant that burnt out a car, you could see where the asphalt had melted for years. The same guy had put about 40 holes in the walls. From the sounds of it, there were a lot of domestics. I found blood splattered on the wall. They dumped a whole bunch of their clothes and other rubbish under the house, left some furniture and appliances as well. That was fun to clean up. -meadowlarked

Some risky business.

My grandpa had a tenant who ran a prostitution ring (more like escorts as it was in a very upper-class neighborhood) and she was arrested and he was never notified until the rent wasn't paid. -OhNoADystopia

The not-so-skilled ski guy.

I own house in Japan which is used during the ski season. I rent it out when I am not using it and let a cleaning company clean the house before every guest arrives. However, there was this one time a guest decided to drag their skis and boots throughout the house which created a massive scratch mark's leading from where the door was to the kitchen. Then because it was late in the season it was a bit muddy. the mud that they dragged in covered the floors and carpet in mud and they decided to clean their boots inside the kitchen sink. -GiftOfLies

The hamburgler.

My dad bought a new house for us and rented out our old home. He rented it to a lady with several kids. She was late on rent and my dad let it slide a few times. Finally, it got to the point where she needed to leave. She had stopped paying rent altogether. When she was finally evicted, she made sure to leave hamburger meat in all the vents in the house. -Cotton_Candy_Grapes

A condo full of cockroaches.

A whole family with 4-5 kids moved in and for a while, no one said anything about them, but after a few weeks, other people living in the building started saying they were being disruptive and all. So the landlord went to go check on them to tell them about complaints, and when they opened the door they saw so much garbage absolutely everywhere like an insane amount and cockroaches everywhere. So after seeing that they immediately told them to get their act together in a week or their outta there. They didn’t clean up so they moved out and when they went to clean the apartment there were cockroaches in every possible crevice.  -SneakyTurtlez_

The most random room ever.

From what I remember of what I was told, there were four adults and I think 3 or 4 kids that use to live there...There were random broken instruments, like a guitar and an electric organ. Moldy food in the fridge. We found a hookah in one room that was kinda cool and some cool pokemon cards. That was one of the grossest places I ever went to. -Abucrit20

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