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People have been known to do a lot of strange things with their faces. Especially now, in the modern age, where faces are painted and decorated with an array of accessories.

If you were a girl growing up in the early 2000s, you probably plucked your eyebrows to within a millimeter of their existence because that was the trend of the time.

Now, in 2019, you're most likely desperately trying to fill them in to make them look plump and proud.

And what about eyelashes? Well most gals seem to extended them to kingdom come, however this news may make them think twice about doing it again!

Keep reading to find out what's gone on!

There's Feathered Brows

Instagram has proven a fantastic experimentation platform for eyebrow and eyelash artists of all kinds. For a second there, we thought feathered brows were the way of the future.

Barbed Wire Brows

But then came barbed wire brows. These crazy caterpillars are definitely a look.

Floral Brows

If you weren't all that into barbed wire brows, you could go delicate with floral brows like these. This look probably isn't great for everyday living, though, especially if you're allergic to pollen.

Carved Brows

Carved brows are a harsher look that seems to say, "Hey! You! Over there! Yes, you! Look at my eyebrows! Look at them! Look at their shape! They are beautiful!"

Rainbow Brows

We can all agree that more things should be rainbow-colored. Eyebrows are one of those things.

Bling Brows

Now this is a statement. Bling brows seem excessive, but, just wait for it...

We are now introducing Squiggle Brows!

When we said "squiggle brows," you probably instantly got an image in your head. Were you right? We bet you were right.

Quite a look

Squiggle brows are — literally — squiggly brows. How do they do it? We don't know.


The squiggle brow photos almost look Photoshopped, but they're not! These are just some super talented makeup artists.


This is a lighter squiggle. A wiggle, if you will.


And don't you dare think that doing squiggly brows means you can't incorporate color. This woman's fierce brows are on point.


You've been staring at this photo for several minutes, haven't you? Trying to figure out how she did it? We may never know the answer.

Squiggle Brows 4 Eva

I know what you're thinking. I need squiggle brows. Am I even cool enough for them? Well, the answer to your question is definitely yes. Squiggle brows are for everyone. Go forth and squiggle.

But what about eyelashes?

Well folks, gals from across the globe have been decorating their eyelashes for what feels like forever. However a new report claims that so-called 'lash lice' are becoming extremely common in eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions can be nasty!

via: ABC7

Apparently girls are leaving their eyelash extensions untouched and unwashed for days or even longer - because they don't want to ruin the glamorous look. However. This is causing a gargantuan build-up of nasty bacteria - which can cause lice to live in the eyelashes.

The condition is known as Demodex.

Lice in the eyelashes is known by its technical term, Demodex. Dr. Sairah Malik explained to ABC7 how the buildup of bacteria can be attributed to lack of cleaning:
Generally the idea when you have eyelash extensions is that people are afraid to kind of touch them or wash them because they're afraid the eyelash will fall out.

But there is a solution.

Dr Malik added that cleaning the eyelids is essential and that you should always give your eyelashes a few days without having extensions in. She also recommended tea tree wash, saying: We recommend tea tree base cleanser. Any cleanser that has a diluted form of tea tree, and it is a good idea to use on a daily basis

Let's live and learn on this one.

So gross.