People Are Already Calling Anya Taylor-Joy’s New Horror ‘the Best Film of 2021’

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After a successful twelve months last year with The Queen’s Gambit, Anya Taylor-Joy is embarking on a new journey as the lead in Edgar Wright’s latest horror movie.

And the release of the trailer has got everyone talking…

Comments poured in…

Anya Taylor-Joy is channeling her roots as she is set to take the lead in Edgar Wright’s latest horror.

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While most of us know Taylor-Joy from the hit Netflix series, The Queen’s Gambit, the actress actually hit the movie scene back in 2015 in the horror/thriller genre when she played a tormented teenager in 17th-century New England in Robert Eggers’ The Witch.

Fast forward a few hundred years and she’s now set in the swinging ’60s, a time notoriously known for its fashion statements and cheap thrills.

The highly anticipated 60’s-esque horror stars a very lonely fashion student, Eloise, played by Thomasin McKenzie, who gets transported back in time via her dreams but rather than being in her own body, she’s taken on the character of singer, Sandy, played by Ana Taylor-Joy.

And the dreams prove to be more than just a figment of her imagination as various parts of them become part of her real life.

Little things give her some foundation that this new-old world might just be in her head. For example, the night after she hooks up with an older man named Jack, played by the ever-so-handsome Matt Smith, she wakes up to find that there’s a hickey on her neck which she takes as a bit of a morale boost.

Slowly, she becomes enticed by the new life she’s living and tries to replicate it for herself.

Channeling her confident alter-ego Sandy, Eloise tries out the blonde hair and perfectly winged eyeliner, a look only a few can make work.

But of course, there’s a catch.

It’s not just the good parts that transfer into her actual life, the bad also seeps it’s way in.

“When the past lets you in,” the trailer reads, “the truth will come out.”

Soon the dreams turn into nightmares and Eloise finds herself waking up, startled.

Mysterious figures start appearing wherever she goes…

And at one point someone’s even attempting to choke and stab her while she lies in bed.

After watching such a thrilling trailer, fans could only beg for more.

Edgar Wright, who has also directed other films such as Baby Driver and Scott Pilgrim vs The World, plays on the fine line between delight and horror, capturing the balance between the two perfectly.

Now, I bet you’re wondering when we can expect Last Night in Soho to be hitting the big screen, right?

Right now, the date is set for October 2021 so mark your calendars.

In the meantime, watch the trailer here:

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