Human Remains Found in California Desert Identified as Those of Missing Woman Lauren Cho

The human remains found in California have been identified as Lauren Cho, who has been missing since June.

Lauren Cho, a thirty-year-old travel blogger, was last seen on June 28th between Morongo Valley and Yucca Valley in California.

But, unlike the Gabby Petito case, which escalated rather quickly, with people jumping to find Brian Laundrie, a lead suspect, Lauren Cho’s case wasn’t nearly magnified as much.

People on social media decided it was time to address the problem that lies in the ignorance towards missing people of color compared to white women like Petito.

Here’s what one person posted:

Another said on Twitter: “Can we give the same energy to Miya Mercano, Lauren Cho, Josue Calderon, or really any of the 540,000 people that go missing every year in the US alone?”

And, eventually, with great sadness, Cho’s remains were found in California nearly 4 months after she was reported missing.

Her remains were found on October 9th of this year, and have been transported to the San Bernardino County Coroner’s Division, where the team will get to work to try and identify her cause of death.

There has already been a lot of speculation on the matter.


Reply to @fromgrandmalabelco Lauren “El” Cho has been missing since June 28. She was last seen in the Yucca Valley area in CA #laurencho #missing

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So, what do we know for sure?

The thirty-year-old was last seen at an Airbnb resort with Cody Orell, who she was reportedly dating. In an interview, the housekeeper of the resort told Newsnation that Orell and Cho were having a little bit of a falling out after they’d been drinking throughout the day.

She then reportedly decided to go for a walk without water, food, or her phone, and that was the last time she was seen alive.

But, nobody knows what could have happened to her in that time.

So, until coroners manage to identify the reason Lauren Cho died, it will remain unknown.

But what’s bigger now is that cases regarding missing people of color should no longer be silenced like they always have been. They need to be amplified.

Rest in peace Lauren Cho, you will be greatly missed.