Law Graduate Says Employers Won’t Hire Her Because Her Beauty Is ‘Intimidating’

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A law graduate has shared her struggles after reportedly being “too hot” for the workplace.

According to an interview written for The Sun, recent law school graduate Irina Kova claimed that her beauty has hindered her pursuit of a law career.

In the article, The Sun cites a study published in the U.S journal Sex Roles which found that beautiful women are viewed as being less honest, less trustworthy, and therefore are more likely to be passed over.

The thirty-three-year-old woman from Russia told the newspaper that despite having a law degree, she has struggled to find work due to her looks and she claims this is because she is too beautiful to be hired by an employer.

“I have a law degree and a great CV but my recruitment agent still told me to dye my blond hair dark for interviews.”

According to Kova, she has been asked by multiple employers to change her appearance to fit into the role. She has previously dyed her hair and even went as far as to wear glasses despite having twenty-twenty vision.

While this has helped her in interviews, keeping the job has been difficult…

“I’ve been made to feel terrible in offices,” she said. “One boss told me I should stop standing out so much and learn to be more humble with my looks.”

Despite wearing minimal makeup, Kova seems to always receive unwanted attention from her employers.

She said her previous bosses all wanted to create a “corporate” work environment for employees, where “everyone is the same and has a mortgage and 3 kids.”

She also implied that she was “too glamorous” to fit in at the workplace, so she quit her job.

In her opinion, Kova thinks her make co-workers want less attractive women to work in the office as not to cause a distraction.

“They would rather surround themselves with less attractive women who won’t take their mind off the job in hand,” she said.

She also thinks their wives play a role in their way of thinking.

“Married guys don’t want their wives visiting the office and seeing a hot, single girl sitting next to them,” Kova claimed.

However, she noted that it’s not just men that she’s had problems with in the past. She said female employers also found her beauty too “intimidating.”

But people can’t believe what she has come out with…

One Facebook user wrote in response to her claims: “Delusional, narcissistic, vain, conceited. Yeah, she’s pretty but she’s not too stunning to be taken seriously. I like to think she dresses appropriately for the office otherwise her choice of attire would be a distraction, if not, then she’s obviously dressing for male attention. Noone is too pretty or handsome for a job so she needs to get over herself.”

Now, after multiple failed jobs, Kova has started her own business and has set up a website selling vintage clothing.

We’re glad she’s finally found a career that makes her happy!